Why WordPress Services is Essential Today for Each Business

People think of WordPress as being a simple website builder that will allow them to launch a site with just a few clicks. And while it’s true that WordPress makes it far easier to develop and grow a site compared to traditional web development methods, there’s still a lot of work that goes into it – a steep learning curve if you’re not familiar with the platform at all.

Even if you launch a site with the most basic WordPress theme, the work doesn’t end there.  The process of designing and developing a site is just the first step. A lot of ongoing maintenance and updates are needed behind the scenes to keep your site running smoothly.

While anybody can create a WordPress site, not everyone can create a professional site that continues to look great, attract visitors, and function at its best. For this reason, ongoing WordPress services from reputable WordPress consultants are strongly recommended for ensuring updates are handled, backups are performed, SEO stays up to date, and much more.

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Good WordPress Websites Need Lots of Love

You can’t expect your car to run perfectly without changing the oil, rotating the tires, checking fluids and performing other maintenance. The same is true of a WordPress site – and in many ways, WP requires even more work. When you run a WordPress site, you’re responsible for providing the care it needs to perform. If you were to leave it unsupported, over time you could see your features break, plugins go outdated or even your entire site becomes compromised or go down.


Regular maintenance is vital. If you’re running a business, you’ll save time and money by hiring a professional WordPress expert who can help maintain your site for you and take care of the tasks that eat up your day. Here are some of the key areas in which an expert can help you, and why they’re so essential.


Theme Support

When you first created your WordPress site, you likely chose a standard or premium theme that sufficed for a while. Unfortunately, these themes can run into various issues over time. They become outdated in style and in code. They need to be updated. And as some get older, the developers stop releasing new updates, which can put your site at risk of security issues.

To keep issues like these from ruining your users’ experience, your theme should be regularly updated, maintained and evaluated by an expert to ensure it’s the right fit for your needs.


Plugin Support

As WordPress is an open-source platform, anybody can develop and provide plugins for WordPress users. While this is a good thing, it can also mean that plugins do not get the maintenance they need by the creators. Also, sites that use multiple plugins may run into compatibility issues over time as plugins are updated.

plugin errorTo ensure your site has no broken plugins, errors or other functionality issues, ongoing WordPress services are strongly advised. All it takes is one broken plugin to turn users away from your site. Plus, it can be a security risk, too …


Security Issues

Another vital issue that regular WordPress maintenance can help with is potential security risks. Outdated plugins, themes and WordPress versions are magnets for hackers, allowing them to exploit known vulnerabilities. Additionally, sometimes new security issues may arise because of a poorly developed update. In either case, your site may develop risks that weren’t there during initial development – so don’t assume your site is fine just because you “haven’t touched it in years.” In fact, if you haven’t done anything to update your WordPress site in months or years, then your site is MORE at risk of being compromised, not less.

It is absolutely critical that you actively maintain your site to reduce these risks, or hire a WordPress support team to do it for you.



In the event that something drastic happens to your website, regular backups can ensure you have your database and files stored elsewhere.

Wordpress Backup

There are some backup plugins that make it easy to start backing up your site – but they absolutely must be configured properly. Additionally, in the event that you lose your site (it happens more often than you might think – especially when sites are hijacked by cyber-attackers), then it’s crucial that the files and database are properly restored. Otherwise, your site may not be fully recoverable. This is just another example of where professional WordPress services can go a long way.


Page/Site Optimization

Your page-load speed is vital to the success of your site in several ways. If a user were to come to your site and see a significant delay in content loading, they’ll instantly be put off. Secondly, a slow-loading site raises red flags for search engines like Google. Faster sites get placed higher in search results. So if your site isn’t loading fast enough, then you’re probably being penalized.

speed optimization

To ensure your site is optimized for speed and functionality, you need regular maintenance. Skilled WordPress technicians can ensure your site is optimized for the best user experience. 


SEO Results

Your site’s SEO ranking helps determine how many new users visit your site in search engines. With the proper optimizations, you can get increased traffic naturally. Even if your site is optimized for SEO in its initial design, ongoing optimizations are essential for boosting your rank in SERPs (search engine results pages). To stay on top of the game, your site needs constant support and maintenance.

At WP Tangerine, we offer professional WordPress SEO services to help you rank higher in Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines. From basic optimization tasks to full-service SEO packages, we offer options for any need or budget.


Overall User Experience

Over time, different design and development trends come into focus and popularity. As with all art forms, these user experience features constantly change. If you want your users to have a great experience when they visit your site, you need to be constantly reevaluating your site, updating it and expanding it. With ongoing maintenance, your site will quickly fall behind.


Choosing WP Tangerine for your WordPress Website Services

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