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Get Unlimited WordPress Services Including Design, Support & 

WordPress Projects from a Team of Experts.


If you need WordPress help building or maintaining a WordPress website, be careful not to make the mistake of hiring an unreliable WordPress freelancer. Freelancers can be unreliable, inexperienced, and unavailable when you need them most. Always make sure that you are hiring an expert and trustworthy WordPress Web Development Agency like WP Tangerine.

WP Tangerine Provides Unlimited Expert WordPress Services — design, development, support, and more— all for a flat, affordable monthly rate. Build, grow and maintain your website with expert help from our team of WordPress Professionals.  

We Are Better, Faster, and More Attentive to Your Needs, Unlike Most WordPress Freelancers.

Our unlimited* monthly WordPress services include:

WordPress Design

Professional website design and redesign.

Support & Development

Ongoing WordPress support whenever you need it.

Site Changes

We implement any updates and changes to your website whether big or small.


We help fix common WordPress problems fast. 

Web Site Speed

We help increase your page load times to make sure your website is running smoothly. 


Get emergent care for your most urgent issues without any hassle.

WooCommerce Help

We developer specialize in WooCommerce store.


We build your site from start to finish and even provide ongoing update.

Web Tasks

We take care of all your WordPress to-do lists so you can focus on your other tasks and responsibilities.

New features

If you want to keep your website updated,  we can help you with that.  We add functionality & features on-demand. 

Website Maintenance

We make sure that you don't have to go through any hassle of maintaining your website along with your other obligations. So, we handle your WordPress updates for you.


Optimize your website for a better Google ranking.


You can choose among several plans that include fast hosting from WordPress Engine.

*Up to the designated number of business hours per day in your chosen package.

Research & Advice

Get expert recommendations from our team of professionals. We can give you advice that will help enhance your website or business.

Why Choose WordPress Tangerine vs. Your Average Why Choose WordPress Tangerine vs. Your Average WordPress Freelancer?

WordPress is an exceptional tool for bringing a website to life. Whether you’re building a blog, e-commerce site, or a massive online operation, WordPress has everything you need. But, unless you are an expert in WordPress, you may find it difficult to maximize the features and advantages of WordPress. 

Many of our clients have previously worked alone or hired a WordPress freelancer. But they were disappointed with the time-consuming tasks, the overall hassle of using freelancers, and the mediocre results.

If you compare a single person with a team of experts, you can obviously tell which side can provide you with better results.  What one freelancer can finish in a week, a full team can accomplish in a fraction of the time.  

WP Tangerine is a team of experts with considerably more skills & experience than any ordinary WordPress freelancer.

We have exceptional developers, cutting-edge designers, innovative graphic artists, industry-proven task managers, and knowledgeable quality assurance staff.  

Our Specialized Team Does the Work of a Hundred WordPress Freelancers but for much lower cost.

We are a team dedicated manager, developer, designer, and QA specialist and we cover all your WordPress needs. If your site has issues, or you want to expand your online operation, you’ll have support staff available anytime you need them. 

Why Use a WordPress Team?

WP Tangerine brings a breadth of knowledge an individual freelancer cannot compete with. This range lets us provide features and experiences that otherwise may go unutilized. Check out these stats to see why WP Tangerine has been the go-to WordPress service provider of thousands of happy clients. 

WP Tangerine has worked on over 3,000 WordPress and WooCommerce websites

We employ 56 WordPress experts who have gone through an extensive hiring process

We completed over 6,400 projects and tasks last month

All clients receive a 30-day, money-back guarantee

Long-Lasting Benefits of WP Tangerine

It’s no surprise that when clients come to us, we blow them away with our knowledge, fast response, and customer service. At WP Tangerine, we have high standards for our employees. That means each person who works on your site or project comes highly vetted, with years of experience in handling WordPress services. No longer will you have to deal with the frustrations of a WordPress freelancer who takes on more than they can handle. 

Let WP Tangerine give you the results you need. Within hours of working with us, you’ll see why thousands before you have come to us. Within a few days, you’ll wonder why it took you so long to come to us! 

Check out these advantages that you will get if you work with us: 

Unlimited WordPress Services—design, hosting, development, and more!

Expert advice on site and project improvements

WooCommerce support

Blog-ready sites

Modern, responsive website builds

One business day turnaround time

Uptime monitoring

Before You Hire a WordPress Developers, Consider the Comprehensive WordPress Services We Can Offer You.

At WP Tangerine, you receive the total package—not just a few limited services like  WordPress freelancer or developers provide. We offer everything you need to get your site looking and performing at the highest standards.

WooCommerce Help

If you need help setting up a WooCommerce site, leave it in the hands of the experts. WP Tangerine has expert WooCommerce developers that can handle any problem. Our team can update current sites, build from scratch and solve any issues that arise.

WordPress Redesigns & New Projects

Do you already have a WordPress site up and running? No problem! We can assess your current website and pitch new ideas and upgrades. We can fully redesign your site to look better than ever.

SEO Optimization Projects

Competing with Google search rankings is tough. It takes experts to get a site to the top of the ranks. Our SEO experts find site improvements to increase your on-page SEO rank. You’ll also receive ongoing recommendations for SEO best practices.

Mobile Site Design & Development

WordPress designers must consider how your site looks on a mobile phone. Our design and developer ensure every site built runs and look clean on a mobile browser. The sites follow current, responsive design trends. 

Custom Features with PHP/HTML/CSS/ JavaScript

Rather than play with out-of-the-box plugins and features, we offer custom features. Our developers can use their PHP and JavaScript knowledge to create stunning features unique to your website. 

24/7 Web Maintenance

If you come across any emergencies, do not worry! We offer support 24/7, giving you peace of mind knowing that your site can get a quick fix—even in the middle of the night. 

So Much Better than a Professional WordPress Developers

When you need assistance with WordPress ideas, our consulting can offer expert tips. With extensive experience, our WordPress consultants bring tested ideas and methods to you. No matter the questions, we have the answers.

30-day Money-Back Guarantee

With every service we offer, you receive a 30-day guarantee. If you’re not happy with the results, we’ll provide you with a full refund.

Choose WP Tangerine for Unlimited WordPress Development Services


What sounds better, one WordPress freelancer or the unlimited support of over 50 WordPress experts? When you work with WP Tangerine, you have access to unlimited services and unlimited guidance. Everything you read above, plus more! If you feel your site could use some new design improvements or you find issues with a form, no problem at all. You’ll have a support team ready to make any changes you desire. 

Ongoing Support and Services from a Team of Experts Developers


We’re not your typical WordPress freelancer. We offer nonstop support beyond the first design and development. Once we start working together, you have us for as long as you need! You can rest assured that you have experts backing you and your site. 

Check out what you will get with the ongoing support below for a low, monthly fee. 


Continual WordPress Updates

Occasionally, WordPress plugins or updates cause changes in functionality. Our experts are available to manage these updates at any point. With continual updates, your site will stay secure and up-to-date with any new features.

Graphic Design & Development

WP Tangerine has a group of talented, creative graphic designers always ready to assist you. Whenever you have an update in mind, speak to one of our designers. We can get graphics designed and put on your site in no time! 

WordPress Website Optimization

Website visitors will leave a site if it lags and takes too long to load. We ensure that never happens for you. We’ll use advanced builds to ensure your site loads seamlessly. With thousands of projects under our belt, you can count on us to vastly improve your page-speed optimization.

SEO Services

WP Tangerine provides expert SEO services to improve your Google search ranking. These SEO gurus use white hat practices that boost your listing naturally. Thus, all your customers can find you on Google’s front page. 

Site Backups

Without a proper backup, you could be at risk of losing important content. WP Tangerine’s Help Services ensure this never happens. We utilize automatic site backups to keep all your content and information secure. Can your WordPress freelancer do that? 

Website Redesigns

Whenever you feel your site needs some design touch-ups or even a full redesign, we have you covered! Our designers will work with you to create the best-looking and performing site possible.

Managing WordPress Freelancing Projects is
Hard Work. Here's How Easy it is to Work with Us:

Sign Up with Us

First, choose what plan suits you the best. As a WP Tangerine client, you get unlimited access to our services with various levels of plans.

Tell Us What Tasks or Projects You Have in Mind

Do you already know what you need to be done? Perfect! Tell us, and we’ll get started right away.

Receive Consistent Communication

You’ll get daily updates sent to you. If you have any questions or concerns, our support staff is at hand 24/7.

Enjoy Your New Freed-up Time

Once you’ve hired us, you’ll find more time to spend on yourself!

Does Your WP Freelancer Do All This?

Site Uptime Monitoring

All Site Fixes When You Need Them

WordPress Updates

Design & Theme Support

Hosting & Migration

New Plugins

New Features

Regular Maintenance

Security Services

Don’t settle for less. Get the work of a hundred WordPress freelancers by choosing WP Tangerine.

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