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Our WordPress Help Services

WP Tangerine provides a wide range of supportdesign, & development services. We help you with nearly ANY site issue you have, including everyday site changes and redesigns. We take care of ALL your website needs—so you can focus on more important things.

WPtangerine WordPress Help Services

We can help you with:

It’s all included in our WordPress support services—so you can fix problems faster and cross off all of your web to-do lists.

Comprehensive WP Help & Support

Site Errors Body Image

Site Errors

Something wrong? Site not working? Getting a weird error? Let us know. We'll resolve your issue and get your site working great again in no time. There is no WordPress problem our experts can’t troubleshoot.

Broken Forms

Broken Forms

When forms stop working, they cause endless frustration for you AND your website visitors who are trying to reach you. We can fix your forms to get them working like they should.

Site Outages

Site Outages

Don't let your site outage kill your business! Every WP Tangerine customer gets 24/7 site monitoring. If your site goes down, we'll know about it and work quickly to identify the problem. Don't worry—we'll get you back up!

Emergency Support Image

Emergency Support

When you need immediate help, we’re here for you. Reach out at any time of day and our experts will rapidly resolve your most urgent WordPress issues. Send us your emergency requests 24/7.

Help With Plugins

Help with Plugins

Malfunctioning WordPress problems can break the functionality and design of your site. Worse yet, they can cause major security problems. We can fix and enhance any form issues.

Bad Site Code

Bad Site Code

Junk code can drag down your site and cause errors. Bloated WordPress themes are filled with bad code that could be hurting your performance. Our developers will inspect your code and let you know the best fix.

Hosting Issues

Hosting Issues

Many WordPress problems are caused by sudden issues with your web hosting. Whether you're switching hosts or something's just not working, we'll take care of it for you.

Expert Advice

Expert Advice

Sometimes, you just need a little guidance. That's what we're here for! Get answers to your questions and recommendations to make your site better. Our experts will provide valuable advice, whenever you need it.

Site Speed

Site Speed

A slow-loading site is bad for visitors and bad for your business goals. We are experts in WordPress site speed optimization. We'll make sure your site is blazing fast.

A Dedicated Team of
WordPress Help Professionals

We’re different from other WordPress Help Services—because we CARE. We help site owners who need their sites to be the best they can be. After all, maintaining a website requires more than just “support.” It needs constant maintenance, optimization and updates.

Our team includes more than 56 professionals, specializing in web support, design, development, optimization and more. We take care of everything you need, from the “little tasks” to the site overhauls.

6,400+ WordPress Help Tasks Completed
Big or small, we’ve done it all – and we can help you too.
3,000+ WP Sites Supported
Businesses, personal brands, nonprofits, ecommerce stores & more.
56 Skilled Experts & Support Specialists
It’s like having an entire support team at your disposal, 24/7.

We Handle Any WordPress Task or Issue, So You Can Focus on the Big Picture

We get it. Running a website is extremely time-consuming! And, when problems happen, it can be a nightmare. By using WP Tangerine, you can have peace of mind. In addition to providing on-demand WordPress help when you need, we’ll take ALL of your website tasks off your plate. Site expansion, little updates, major functionality changes … whatever you need, we’re here for you.

Get More Than Just WordPress Help

Site Design, Development, Optimization and More

As a WP Tangerine customer, you get round-the-clock access to our full range of services. Our packages include options for WordPress help and support, as well as ongoing site changes and development services.

WordPress Site Changes

Don't spend another minute updating your website by yourself. Our team will do it for you. Free up your day, so you can take care of big-picture goals for your business.

Redesigns Body Image

WordPress Redesigns

Refreshing your site is easy with WP Tangerine. We can find the right WordPress theme for your needs or create something more custom. Site redesigns are included with select packages, so you never have to pay extra!

Site Backups

Site Backups Help

Don't risk losing everything! All of our Services include automatic site backups and restores. In the event of cyberattack, malware, hosting issues or other problems, you'll be protected.

Web Design

Web Design Help

Our designers can make your site more professional and up to date. Simply tell us your vision and we'll bring it to life, or we can provide you with valuable recommendations for the design.

Wordpress Updates

WordPress Updates

Keeping WordPress updated is critical. However, most business owners don't have the time to constantly check their dashboards. Our team will process all necessary updates for plugins, themes and new WP platform releases, so your site looks & functions as it should.


WordPress SEO

Improve SEO, site speed, security and more. We can perform a wide range of optimizations to make your site faster and more secure. Our SEO teams can also help your site's ranking in search results.

New Sites

New WordPress Sites

Building something new? We can do that too – for a fraction of the traditional cost. Our experienced web developers will work with you to design and develop the perfect site for your needs and goals.

Preventative WordPress Help Body Image

WordPress Help

Yes, really! We help your site before issues arise. All packages include site uptime monitoring and ongoing maintenance. Relax knowing our experts have your back.

Woocommerce Help

Woocommerce Help & Support

Build, expand and optimize your WooCommerce site for maximum success. Whether you're building a new store or need help with an existing WooCommerce site, our experts are happy to assist, 24/7.

How We Do It

Getting WordPress Help is easy with WP Tangerine. Simply select the package that’s right for you, and then submit any task or job whenever you need help. That includes not just WordPress support tasks, but also site changes, design and any of the services listed above.


Choose a plan.

We offer several WordPress Help packages, so you can choose the exact level of support you need.


Submit Tasks 24/7.

Let us know what help you need: support, emergencies, site updates-whatever you need.


We Get to Work.

Your task will be completed in one business day and even faster for urgent issues.



We’ll take care of your site and send you daily updates to keep you in the loop.

Unlimited WordPress Help Tasks & Projects

Submit as many tasks, projects and questions as you want. All packages from WP Tangerine include unlimited* WordPress help tasks, so you can fix, grow and optimize your site, as you need it. That includes support for site issues and problems, as well as everyday site changes. Whenever your site needs something, we’ll take care of it for you.

Unlimited WordPress Support

Help with WordPress on the way! Send your support tasks to us at any time of day. We’ll fix any issue in 1 business day or less.

Unlimited Graphic Design

It’s included in your package! Submit unlimited tasks for graphic design, including custom images and design for other, non-web materials.

*Up to the specified number of hours per business day outlined in the package you choose. Our plans include between 1 to 8 hours per day of unlimited tasks, so you can choose the exact level of help you need.

Website Problems Slowing You Down?

We understand the frustrations of running a website while trying to run a business at the same time:

Time-Consuming Tasks

Every little site change seems to take forever. Before you know it, you've lost a whole day, sitting in front of the computer.

Things Breaking All the Time

Just when you fix one problem, another one pops up. You add a new plugin and something else breaks. It's an endless, vicious cycle.

So Many @*^%$ Questions!

Questions come up all the time when you're trying to run a site. And yet you can never seem to find the answers you need.

Frustrating Site Errors

All it takes is one bug to drive you crazy. It eats up your time, and if you're looking for official WordPress help documentation, forget it!

Nightmare Scenarios

Site outages, broken pages, hacked site – these disasters don't just ruin your day. They can ruin your entire business.

Let Us Fix It and Make Your Life Easier

Why waste your day on your website when you have more important things to do? WP Tangerine can make your life so much easier by providing ongoing WordPress help, as you need it. It’s faster and easier than doing it yourself, and it’s WAY cheaper than hiring a full-time web developer. Our flat monthly rate allows you to control costs and get all the support and site changes you need, day after day.

Site Optimization for Speed, SEO & More

We make sure your site is running optimally, which is essential for usability, sales and search-engine optimization (SEO) goals. Submit as many optimization tasks as you want. Or, have our optimization experts evaluate your site to identify necessary areas for improvement.


Site Load Times

Did you know that people will leave your site if it doesn't load within 4 seconds? Plus, sites like Google penalize slow-loading sites by pushing them down in search results. Our experts can help you make critical adjustments to boost your page speed and site load times.

SEO Readiness

We make sure your website has the essential SEO optimizations to get it listed on Google and other search engines. We'll provide recommendations for improving your on-site SEO, including keyword optimization, meta data, internal linking and more.

Security Fixes

Don't leave your WordPress site exposed to hackers and cyberattacks. We'll optimize your site for iron-clad security, keeping threats at bay and giving you peace of mind. Our WordPress help experts are well-versed in WP security and can identify the most urgent areas to fix.

World-Class WordPress Hosting

Included with Some of Our help with WordPress Packages! Get access to the best WordPress hosting in the world. Select packages include hosting from WP Engine – the undisputed leader for WordPress hosting. Your web host plays a critical factor in the speed and uptime of your site. Additionally, for WordPress to function properly, your web host MUST be using the latest PHP versions. Hosting your site with WP Engine can significantly improve your site load speed, availability and stability. As a customer of WP Tangerine, you automatically get access to this incredible benefit.

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Flat, Affordable Monthly Rates

No surprises! Traditional help with WordPress services charge you hundreds of dollars for each and every support ticket you submit. We don’t operate like that. With WP Tangerine, you get MORE help, MORE services and MORE expertise … for less money.

Why WP Tangerine?

No surprises! Traditional WordPress website help services charge you hundreds of dollars for each and every support ticket you submit. We don’t operate like that. With WP Tangerine, you get MORE help, MORE services and MORE expertise … for less money.

Providing Outstanding Customer Service Is Our Top Priority

Request a Free Expert Website Analysis or get in touch to learn more about unlimited help with WordPress, support and site development from WP Tangerine. We look forward to making your site awesome!

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