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Save yourself the headache of managing your WordPress website yourself by obtaining expert assistance whenever you require it. Our services offer 24/7 support for any of your site’s needs, from development to troubleshooting. Contact us today to get the help you’re looking for.

Why trust us?

Get MORE than a WordPress expert. WP Tangerine is a full team of professional WordPress developers and WP experts, offering an extensive range of WordPress services that cover tasks big and small. We can assist you with absolutely ANYTHING related to your WordPress site—there’s no limit. And having us to support you will save you a lot of time, opening up your day to deal with the bigger picture things that matter to you.

Here’s what we can help you with:

Site changes, whenever you need them

Website redesigns for the fresh and modern look!

Unlimited expert WordPress Maintenance and WordPress support

SEO optimization, Site Security & Speed Guaranteed

Anything else you need

All of our plans come at a flat, affordable monthly rate, saving you time and headaches.

We have a LOT of experience

We have provided development and support services for 3,000+ WordPress sites. We’ve helped out businesses, e-commerce stores, non-profits and more. Our customers love us for the unlimited amount of assistance we can provide them to ensure their site is the best it can be.

Our team is the BEST!

You will have access to a full WordPress support team 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Think of us like your partner: we don’t just do little fixes here and there; we help you achieve your goals.

Every plan includes a dedicated developer, designer, client manager, and QA specialist with:

The expertise to ensure you get the quick, professional service you expect

Extensive knowledge in WordPress and WooCommerce.

Experience with PHP, HTML, CSS, JS and more.

A commitment to the highest quality customer service.

No help task is too small

Seriously, we can do it all. If you’re having an issue—whether it’s a vision you want to bring to life, a plugin that’s not working, an optimization problem, whatever—we are here to find a solution. We’ve completed 6,400+ help tasks for our clients, so we are confident our experts can help you too.

We go above and beyond

Other services might provide you with a website consultation, maybe design your website for you, or maybe fix a few issues, but it stops there. WP Tangerine gives you unlimited help with your WordPress site, from building it to keeping it up to date to making sure it works well.

Our goal is to address your needs as well as anticipate any issues that might arise, so all that’s left for you to do is relax.

How our expert can help you.

Save yourself a lot of time and frustration

Managing WordPress sites can be a time-consuming and infuriating process, especially when things go wrong. One bug can lead to hours of trouble when the answer to your problem is not obvious or easy to find.

But it’s not just to save you time. It’s more efficient too.

It’s way more efficient to get expert advice than it is to wade through online help in the hope that you can do it yourself. We’ve experienced it all; we’ll know how to help you. It’s as simple as that.

Save money with flat, affordable monthly rates

The other guys may charge you hundreds for every support ticket you submit. Not so for us. You can submit ticket after ticket, without worrying that you’ll get a surprise bill for extra services rendered. 

Plus, see how much MORE you get… for less money

We offer premium quality support, from a personalized team that will have your back, just like a team should.

Our WP services, in a nutshell

Expert Consultation & Development Services

Tell us your vision, and we’ll make it happen. We can also provide WordPress consultant, based on our extensive experience, that will help you achieve your goals. Want us to follow through on our recommendations? We’ll complete all the action items they require.


No existing site? No problem. We can work with you to create your ideal site from scratch.


Quality results from our designers


And for a fraction of what you would need to pay a website designer for a one-time deal!


Ongoing support


The best part is, you’ll have a team to help you through what comes after, so you’re not on your own after that initial launch. 

New Site Design

Site Changes

Fixing typos, inserting graphics, updating text… Whatever fixes are needed, we can take them off your plate so that you can concentrate on other matters. Don’t waste more of your valuable time when you can rely on our team to do it for you, and to do it right.

Re-Design Projects

Want to refresh your site? Make it more professional? Tear it all down and start again? We can help you with that too, so that you end up with the perfect site that you had envisioned.

WordPress Expert Updates

Updating WordPress is important if you want your site to work well and look good, but it’s easy to forget about it when there are so many other things that need your attention. Our team can take care of the following updates:

New WP releases

We’ll ensure the WP version is up-to-date so that your site takes advantage of enhancements and improvements, and always stays fresh.

Updates to Plugins & Themes

There’s nothing worse than discovering a plugin has stopped working or is breaking functionality on your site. Our team will take precautions to ensure that this never happens again.

We’ll also process all updates to your WP theme, keeping your site functional and looking its best.

Backup & Preventative Services
for Your Peace of Mind

Site backups

Without properly backing up your site, you risk losing everything to cyber-attacks, malware, hosting issues and more. All of our service plans include backups and (if needed) restoration of your site, so that you never find yourself unprotected.

Site uptime monitoring

What’s the best way to deal with website issues? Make sure they don’t happen in the first place. Our packages come with site uptime monitoring, so if your site goes down, you won’t be caught off guard.

WordPress Expert
Help in WooCommerce

We can help you build, develop, and optimize your site and give you WooCommerce help and support whether you are starting a new store or need help with an existing one. Maximize your potential and success with our WordPress help.

Site Optimization

We also offer expert services in search engine optimization and other website improvements. Improve your SEO, site speed, security, and more. Our team of SEO WordPress experts can help you move up in search results, which will make your business or organization more visible and competitive.

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