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Get unlimited and affordable WordPress Services from the leading WordPress Website Design company. Our team of expert WordPress website designers will create the perfect website for your needs and provide ongoing development & support for a flat, affordable monthly rate. 

Affordable WordPress Website Design Services

Our team of skilled WordPress experts develops professional and optimized WordPress websites ready to bring your business to success. You'll also get a chance to work with a dedicated WordPress website designer, developer, and client manager, who will bring your vision to life. 

We have developed over 3,000 WordPress websites and our clients continually love working with us because we provide unlimited expert WordPress help and a lot of other services for a flat, affordable monthly rate that we offer to our clients. We make it easy for you to get the WordPress website that you want, so you can focus on your other important tasks. 

Get the WordPress Website You Deserve Without Breaking the Bank

Don't shell out thousands of dollars for mediocre WordPress design! We make it affordable for ANY company or brand to get a professionally designed WordPress website. 

Get unlimited design and our cost-efficient packages - website design, development, support, updates, SEO, and more, for a fraction of the normal cost of WordPress design services.

More than Just a WordPress Website Design Company

Our company goes beyond what a traditional WordPress Web Design Company can offer. We are a full-service web design company that can deliver world-class development at far lower rates and with more expertise than most web design freelancers. We are a design company to call if you're looking for more than just WordPress web design. 

New WordPress Website Development

Starting from scratch? No problem! Our web design company is keen to use your input to build the professional website you have always envisioned. Our experts will make sure the website design is exactly what you're looking for.

SEO Services

Our SEO experts will optimize your site, so that prospective customers can find you on Google and other search engines. We apply the most effective SEO strategies and guide you to get great results. 

WordPress Updates & Maintenance

Updating your themes and plugin tools is critical to the health of your site. Our agency will keep your website updated to ensure security, stability, and functionality even after it is built and launched.

Mobile-Responsive Design

More than half of all web traffic now comes from mobile devices. We make sure your website looks perfect on mobile, tablets, and desktops. Your site will automatically detect what device your visitors are using and will display the appropriate layout. 

WordPress Website Speed Optimization 

When your pages don't load fast enough, you lose visitors and miss out on potential sales. We can build and optimize your site for blazing-fast load times. We're experts in page-speed optimization, implementing evaluative improvements that your average WordPress website designer failed to provide. 


If you ever run into issues, we're here for you. More than just a WordPress design agency, we're your 24/7 WordPress Support Team! Get unlimited support for any technical issue or question—for as long as you remain a customer of WP Tangerine.

WordPress Website Redesign

Having old and outdated websites can impact your SEO  ranking negatively. You need to know that your competitors are constantly keeping their websites updated - which is why you have to always be in the game. We'll completely improve your WordPress Websites to make them fresh, mobile-responsive, and up to date.  

Custom WordPress Web Design

Uniqueness plays a huge part if you want your websites to stand out and we can build you something extraordinary. We'll work with you to design one-of-a-kind websites that set you apart from your competition. 

E-Commerce Stores

We're experts on WooCommerce management and ensuring that your online business is smoothly running.  We are the all-in-one help that you are looking for! 

Content (blog)- Ready

We set you up to maximize the power of WordPress with content management! Add new blog posts, pages, and more with just a few clicks. However, if you find this task too tedious, our team can do it for you. Content management is essential for your website and by adding new content, you'll keep visitors engaged which will boost your SEO results. 

Ongoing WordPress Website Changes

Want to add more pages? Build a landing page? Add forms? Accept payments? For changes, you only need to say the word and we will get it done. Websites are constantly evolving but our monthly rate stays the same - we always make it easy and affordable for you. 


If you ever run into issues, we're here for you. More than just a WordPress design agency, we're your 24/7 WordPress Support Team! Get unlimited support for any technical issue or question—for as long as you remain a customer of WP Tangerine.

Why Choose Us VS. a Regular WordPress Website Design Company

The answer is simple - our website design company doesn't charge a ridiculous amount of money for quality website design. Unlike other companies that require you to pay thousands of dollars just to leave you hanging after your site is launched. With WP Tangerine, you will never be alone or need to shell out hundreds more for every little fix. Whenever problems come up, you can always rely on us. 

We're Your Partners for Online Marketing and Success.

By providing you with high-quality and affordable WordPress Design, Development, and ongoing support, and other WordPress services, our team will help ensure your business' success. 

What Makes WP Tangerine Different From Other WordPress Agencies

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