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Need WooCommerce support for your WordPress site?
WP Tangerine is here to help.

Our team of experts can help you improve your online store with 24/7 WooCommerce support and any tasks you have.

Set Up Your Online Store Theme & More

We’ll set up your storefront theme, list products and create an ideal customer experience.

Integrate Extensions

With the right plugins, we’ll help you seamlessly integrate your theme with payment processing, shipping, marketing tools and more.

Manage Your Products

Let us take the headache out of inventory management and product listing.

24/7 Support

We’re here for you night and day to respond to any issues that come up.

Add the Wow Factor to Your Online Store with a World-Class WooCommerce Experience


When customers visit your online store, they expect an experience that is fast, secure and user-friendly. WooCommerce is hands-down an unbeatable platform in eCommerce with robust functionality and a variety of themes. But are you using this powerful WordPress plugin, its available themes and the right extensions to their full potential?


A stellar store with a gorgeous theme and streamlined functionality is a no-brainer way to boost your online marketing efforts.


  •         At WP Tangerine, we offer unlimited support for your WordPress site and can help you set up or improve your WooCommerce storefront theme and shopping experience.


  •         From design to development and maintenance, our experts handle the tech so you can focus on doing business.


  •         You’ll rest easy knowing your website visitors are getting a world-class eCommerce experience, helping you generate more sales and create satisfied customers who are eager to learn more about your product suite or subscription services and do business with you again.


How We Help: WooCommerce Support, Development, Themes & More


Our team is compiled of experts who oversee thousands of WooCommerce help tasks each month and have improved over 3,000 WordPress sites with a variety of themes and design styles. We can help with every stage of your store, including storefront theme design, development, ongoing support and help with tedious everyday tasks like updating.


ECommerce Setup

Starting from scratch setting up your online storefront theme and eCommerce platform? We’ll set you up with everything you need so that your customers can have a seamless shopping experience and become raving fans of your products.

  •         Professional layout and design of store themes
  •         Integration with WooCommerce extensions
  •         Setup for products, subscriptions and more


Storefront Themes

Savvy customers expect a beautiful and intuitive online shopping experience. Our design team can help you build your store from scratch or refresh the theme you have so that your site visitors are drawn to your products and make more purchases.

  •         Expert installation of WooCommerce’s best themes
  •         Seamless integration of your products and other resources
  •         A world-class shopping experience for your site’s visitors


Support and Maintenance

Since your store and WooCommerce itself will always be evolving, we’re here to walk you through every update and every customer support issue you encounter. With a subscription to ongoing site management, you’ll never have to worry about periodic issues that can come up on eCommerce platforms. We’re here to get you back up and running smoothly in a flash with no issue.

  •         Email support 24/7
  •         Ongoing site management
  •         Automatic updates to your themes and other plugins


Products Inventory Management

Updating your inventory can be tedious, so let us take care of those tasks you dread. We’ll quickly add your new products and remove old ones, as well as update all of your inventory data.

  •         Product and inventory updates
  •         Inventory auditing
  •         Data management



Fast, secure and easy-to-understand payments are critical to assure your customers that they can trust you. We set up payment gateways and all necessary integrations with a variety of themes to ensure reliable payment processing.

  •         Payment gateway integration
  •         Secure processing
  •         User-friendly checkout


Shipping Integrations

If you’re confused about shipping extensions, you’re not alone! Make sure your product is shipped out efficiently by letting us work with you to integrate the shipping tools you need for your business. We’ll help you streamline order fulfillment so that your customers have products in their hands faster.

  •         Reliable software integration with WooCommerce themes
  •         Shipping data management
  •         Streamlined order fulfillment


Other Themes and Extensions

WooCommerce is one of the best eCommerce platforms you can use on a WordPress site because of its robust integrative capabilities via compatible WordPress plugins, themes and extensions. Just let us know what theme or plugin you need, and we’ll integrate whatever extension or theme is most appropriate for your business, whether it’s for connecting your email list, payment processing, shipping service and more.

  •         Plugin & Theme management
  •         Seamless integrations of themes and extensions
  •         Customized for your business’s needs


Emergency Support

ECommerce is a 24/7 type business, and so is our support. Whatever your website needs, whenever it needs it, with a subscription to our support services you can ensure that your site, store, themes and extensions are functioning at full capacity.

  •         24/7 email support
  •         One day business turnaround on all subscription plans
  •         Detailed notes for every task


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How You Benefit from WP Tangerine’s WooCommerce Subscription Support


Why do all the work of managing your WooCommerce store, themes and extensions yourself when the experts can handle it? Not only will a support subscription with us reduce your frustration and stress level with the complexities of the plugin and its available themes and extensions, but it’ll just be better for your business.


A Better Store

These days, there’s no excuse for a shoddy online shopping experience. Customers expect a streamlined storefront theme that is easy to understand and navigate, and a checkout experience that is fast, secure and reliable. With a better store, you sell more products and have fewer customer support issues.


Happy Customers

When you have a great product, a beautiful, responsive storefront theme, an intuitive checkout experience and a reliable shipping integration, you’re going to get happy customers who are more likely to return for more of your products or subscriptions. It’s marketing on autopilot!


Saving Time

Trying to DIY your WooCommerce site and navigating all the plugins, theme and extension options, especially when you run into technical trouble, can be a huge headache and suck up hours upon hours of your time if you’re not an expert in WordPress and website management. Help from an expert eliminates those hours wasted so you can focus on running your core business.


Reducing Costs

When it comes right down to it, having a poorly designed or maintained WooCommerce site affects your bottom line. You lose customers along every step of their journey through your site if they don’t respond well to your site’s theme or store functionality. A subscription with WP Tangerine is an affordable way to create a killer storefront theme that makes every product shine and a subscription with us is way cheaper than services through many web developers.


Growing Faster

More product purchases mean more happy customers, and more happy customers means they talk about your store to their friends. Your business grows through word-of-mouth marketing; and what’s more, since you save time and money on your WooCommerce and WordPress related tasks, you have more resources to devote to other marketing tasks.


Supported Additional Help for Your Site & Theme

While we’re experts in everything WooCommerce, our resources don’t stop there! Our website professionals specialize in everything WordPress, including:

  •         Site design and changes
  •         Plugin, extension and theme management
  •         SEO support and blog setup
  •         Ongoing maintenance
  •         Emergency supported via email 24/7

Build or Redesign Your Website

Our team of expert designers, developers and graphic artists ensure a beautiful theme with streamlined functionality.

Manage Tasks

With our unbeatable subscription support, you can submit unlimited tasks to keep your online business running smoothly.

Keep Your Site Up to Date

We’ll make sure your website is operating at full speed with up-to-date themes and other software.

24/7 Help & Support

Contact us and we’ll respond to any issues you’re having—whether you need help with everyday tasks or emergency support.

Unlimited WordPress Support

With a subscription to a WP Tangerine support service plan, you can rest assured knowing that we have your back whenever you need help with your WordPress site. Beyond tasks related to your WooCommerce store, you can contact us to submit an unlimited number of other WordPress tasks, no matter what your subscription level.


Website Tasks

The more complex your website, the more help we can offer! We do everything that keeps your site up-to-date, fast and responsive, including managing themes, streamlining processing and even boosting your marketing efforts through email list subscription management and blog design. We also backup your website’s data and restore it if needed.


New Sites & Overhauls

Whether your existing WordPress theme needs an overhaul, or you want to start from scratch, we can help you achieve your vision. Our design team works with you so that you love everything about the way your site looks and functions. We install intuitive, responsive themes that are a boost to your WooCommerce store, by keeping website visitors engaged and leading them to your products, subscriptions or services.


Theme, Plugin & Software Management

Managing websites’ themes, plugins and core software is vital to their ongoing functionality and security. With a WP Tangerine subscription, we’ll take care of the software management so that it’s one item off your ongoing to-do list. By request we can also help you integrate and use the project management software of your choice, so you can streamline the work for you and your team.


SEO Support

No one will find your product listings if they’re not ranking in search engine results! We’ll help you optimize your website and your WooCommerce store so that customers will find you. Not only can we help them find each product, but we’ll set up your site to amplify your online marketing—including blog setup, WordPress software tools to help you build your email list and other resources to optimize your reach.


Site Speed

A website that loads every page quickly is vital for SEO as well as keeping visitors engaged. With our help, we’ll ensure that every page—and every product—loads with lightning speed. You have the option to use world class hosting through WP Engine.


Site Maintenance and Updates (Theme, Products, and More)

Keeping your website updated daily can be monotonous but is vital to your online business’s success. Keeping themes, plugins and products updated along with other software can suck up large chunks of your day. They can also take away from other important marketing tasks like updating your blog and other content or responding to customer emails. Let us handle the tech tasks so you can focus more on your subscribers and customers.


Uptime Monitoring

Anytime your website is down or running slowly means less opportunity to sell your products. We include uptime monitoring as part of our support subscription packages and will respond whenever there is a site issue, so you’ll be back up and running as quickly as possible.


Outstanding Customer Service

We don’t do mediocre. You can expect quick and outstanding support whether you have a website emergency or need help with everyday tasks. We’ll provide you with detailed notes for everyday tasks as well as one day turnaround time for all requests within the hours outlined in your subscription plan.


Cutting Edge Advice

WordPress and its related themes and other software is always evolving and has enormous potential to help your business. Talk to us about your needs and we’ll offer the best advice and resources to help you get exactly what you need.


How a WP Tangerine Subscription Plan Works


Getting started with us is fast and simple. Start with a free website analysis or sign up for one of our full-service subscription plans.


  1. Sign Up: We offer three plan options including basic, pro and agency. Each level accommodates different business sizes. No matter what your plan, you are guaranteed ongoing support for WooCommerce, updates for your themes and other software, monitoring, emergency care and more. Choose the plan that’s right for your business size and website needs.


  1. Submit Tasks: Whatever you need, contact us 24/7 and we’ll get started on your request. How much time we devote per day on your requests depends on your plan. No matter what subscription level you choose, you can submit unlimited WordPress tasks and projects, product-related tasks and product design-related tasks.


  1. Responsive Communication: With every request, our team will respond within a business day. Customer care attentiveness to your needs is our top priority. With our agency plan, you can even have one-on-one phone calls and real-time chat collaboration.


  1. Sit Back: Rest assured that your website is in good hands. Your software, theme and plugins will be up-to-date, and product inventory and data management are in our hands. You can focus on your product,  customer service, your blog or whatever your core business is, while we handle the tech on your WordPress site.


Take the Stress Out of Your Online Store


Got a great line of products? We’ll help you get your product online so that customers will find them and have an excellent online shopping experience. Choose from one of our plans, and we’ll help with all of your WordPress site management, along with the WooCommerce support you need to make your store shine.


By letting the experts handle your website, you can focus on what you do best: creating great products or services and delivering excellence to your subscribers and customers.


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