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Get unlimited WordPress development, design and support – for a fraction of the cost of hiring a traditional Word Press programmer. Our team of expert WordPress developers will take care of all your WordPress needs, 24/7, so you can focus on the big picture.


Why Work with Our WordPress Developers?

WP Tangerine is a full-service WordPress development and support team. Unlike a freelance Word Press programmer for hire, we take care of ALL your WordPress tasks for a flat, affordable monthly subscription.

How we can help:

Select the package that fits your needs and budget. Our programmers can help, no matter what stage of development you’re at—from initial website builds to optimizing an existing site.

Any WordPress Project, Any Time You Need It

Hire the experts at WP Tangerine and save time by letting our WordPress programmers handle all your WordPress needs. Our monthly services go far beyond that of a conventional Word Press programmer for hire. In addition to development work, we can tackle all the little site changes and fixes that eat up your day. So you can focus on the big picture: growing your business.

Our range of affordable, flat-rate packages allows you to get the exact services you need—from basic site changes to full-service website builds, development and redesigns. Each package includes unlimited tasks with 1-day turnaround, up to the max number of hours determined by your plan.

Website Builds
Launching a new site? Our expert designers will work with you to develop a site that’s professional and perfectly matched to your industry and goals. 
Give your website a much-needed overhaul. Our developers can redesign any existing website to make it up to date, secure, mobile responsive and engaging for your visitors.
Problems in your existing code? Need to customize your theme? Our team are well-versed in PHP, HTML, CSS & JS. Send us any programming requests, 24/7.
Themes & Plugins
When you hire our developers, you benefit from our vast knowledge of WordPress themes and plugins. So your site looks and functions exactly how you want it.  
Site Speed
Increasing your page load speeds is better for your visitors and search engines. Our developers will optimize your site to make it blazing-fast.
We’ll help implement critical strategies to make sure your site can be found in Google and other search engines. We also offer advanced SEO packages to help you skyrocket your rankings. 
Resolve website issues FAST. Our developers work quickly to fix any problem you have. Most fixes will be complete in 1 business day, and we can help with emergencies too. 
Implement vital security standards to prevent your site (or your visitors’ personal information) from being compromised. We’ll take care of it for you.
All Site ChangesWhatever you need: new pages, navigation changes, images, layout adjustment, text edits and more. Send us all the WordPress tasks you have, any time of day.

Hire Our Expert Developers vs. Freelance WordPress Programmer

Why choose WP Tangerine instead of a freelance developer?

When you hire a traditional developer, the services you receive are typically very limited. Even a skilled freelance web developer may only help with initial site development or programming. But that’s only a fraction of work that needs to complete for most sites. Business websites are a work in progress. To be successful, they need to be constantly expanded, maintained and optimized. WP Tangerine handles ALL of that for you, whereas a traditional developer does not.

Disadvantages of hiring a traditional freelance WordPress developer:

Before you hire an independent WordPress developer, consider some of the potential risks:

Why Work with Our WordPress Development Experts?

If you need MORE than a mere Word Press programmer, WP Tangerine is here to help. With our extensive services, you get unlimited WordPress support, design, development, maintenance, graphic design, optimization and consulting – for a flat, affordable monthly subscription.


Unfamiliar with WordPress Website Development Services? What You Need to Know: 

1) What is a WordPress developer? A WordPress developer (aka WordPress programmer) is a person who develops websites with WordPress’s content management platform. WordPress sites are built with templates known as Themes, which can be further integrated with thousands of Plugins, which are pre-built software packages that enable a wide range of site functionality and features. It is the role of a WordPress developer to select the appropriate theme and plugins for the scope of the project and to build out the site with those selections. 

2) What programming language does WordPress use? WordPress uses the PHP programming language, as well as JavaScript. These are not to be confused with HTML and CSS, which are declarative languages also used by WordPress, just like the rest of the web. 

3) Is coding required for WordPress? Custom coding is not necessarily required for WordPress, because its themes and plugins enable endless functionality and features. However, a skilled Word Press programmer should know how to read, edit and write code, especially when customizations are needed. 

4) Is WordPress worth learning in 2020? 30% of the Internet is built with WordPress, so it’s a great choice for building a professional website. However, learning WordPress can take time, especially for busy business owners. Using a Word Press programmer team is an easy and cost-efficient way to launch and maintain a WordPress site.  

Does Your Word Press Programmer Do All This?

We don’t just build WordPress sites. We provide WordPress help for businesses grow. In addition to WordPress development, our experts provide a wide range of additional WordPress services to keep your site functioning as it should.

Uptime MonitoringWe monitor your site to detect outages. If it goes down for any reason, we’re on it.  Site BackupsAll packages include automatic website backups to protect against unexpected incidents.RestorationsIf your host loses your site, we’ve got your back. We’ll restore it back to normal, so you can get back to business.UpdatesWe keep your WordPress site updated, so you don’t have to. Including theme, plugin and core WP updates.
WP Engine HostingSelect packages include world-class hosting from WP Hosting – the best for site speed and performance. Client ManagementEvery client receives a dedicated developer, designer, client manager and QA Specialist. We’re responsive to your projects need! WooCommerce Help
We do ecommerce too! Let our WooCommerce experts take your online store to the next level.
Detailed Notes
Our WordPress experts send detailed notes on every task completed – so you’re never in the dark about project statuses.

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