A WordPress support service is your best bet whenever you need help with your WordPress site. But since providers vary widely in quality, price and scope of services, you want to be sure to choose the right provider for your needs.

At WP Tangerine, we provide fast, competent support for any WordPress issue. Here’s what makes us different from other options and why we’ve been trusted to support more than 3,000 WordPress sites to date.

1) We fix all WordPress problems.

We are WordPress experts! We have never encountered a problem we couldn’t solve. Our experienced WordPress developers can help 404 errors, broken plug-ins, compromised websites, unexpected site outages, annoying “Parse Error/Syntax” errors, connection timeouts, image upload problems and more. 

At WP Tangerine, our clients trust us because they know we can fix it all, big or small.

2) No insane WordPress support fees.

We’re shocked at the prices that other WordPress support providers are charging these days. Even the smallest issues (requiring a quick 5-minute fix) can cost hundreds of dollars, at minimum! And, if the support person doesn’t know what they’re doing, the cost only increases from there.

At WP Tangerine, we use a subscription-based model that gives our customers access to unlimited support, month after month. This is far more cost-efficient because it sets an affordable flat rate for all your support needs, rather than charging per issue/ticket like other support providers. (Plus, we include a wide range of other WordPress services that extend far beyond support – more on that in a moment.)

3) Fast response.

For non-emergencies, we offer a fast 1-day turnaround for virtually any support issue. In urgent situations, we’ve got your back! Simply let us know what’s wrong and we’re on it. We’ll quickly identify the problem and make sure your site is in great shape.

4) Ongoing maintenance is included.

Did you know that most WordPress problems are caused by outdated plug-ins and themes? If you aren’t regularly updating these components (as well as your WordPress core files), then it’s only a matter of time before your site breaks. 

As a WP Tangerine customer, you get ongoing site maintenance included with your WordPress support service. We take care of all updates for you, so that you don’t have to even think about them.

5) Free uptime monitoring with your WordPress support service.

Are you aware of when your site goes offline? Are you losing revenue or visitors because your website goes down several times a month? We’ll let you know! Our WordPress support service includes uptime monitoring, so you won’t be left in the dark if your site is experiencing issues.

6) We also help with site changes, design, development and more.

It’s all included. Our clients choose us because we provide so much more than WordPress support. In addition to being on-call to fix website issues, we also provide unlimited site changes, design tasks, new site development and more. This alone makes WP Tangerine the greatest value when choosing a WordPress support service.

Ready to Hire the Best WordPress Support Service on the Planet?

Select a package to get unlimited support – and all the help your WordPress site needs – from our experts at WP Tangerine. 

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