The ‘Secret’ to Getting WordPress Support Anytime You Need It

Finding reliable WordPress support can be surprisingly frustrating, especially for busy business owners who have more important things to do. But there is a simple way to get unlimited WP support, on demand, to fix website issues and make any changes you need, whenever you need it.

Sounds too good to be true? It’s not. What we’re describing is the unlimited WordPress support services you receive right here at WP Tangerine.

Here’s what you need to know.

Why traditional WordPress support is so frustrating

WordPress owners know the frustration of having something go wrong with their websites, for seemingly no reason at all, periodically throughout the year.

You go to your website, and suddenly the nav bar is missing. Or a form stopped working. Or the entire homepage is suddenly blank.

Sound familiar? These issues are a massive headache to troubleshoot – not to mention an embarrassment for your business that could be hurting your sales too.

But an even bigger headache is finding WordPress support to actually fix the problem. Here’s why:

  • Official WordPress support (from WordPress itself) is pretty much nonexistent.

  • You need to wade through documentation or user forums to search for solutions, and in reality, you may never find an answer to your specific problem.

  • Paid WordPress support services exist, but they tend to be painfully slow, expensive and a hassle to deal with when you need to submit tickets.

Business owners just don’t have this kind of time on their hands. If you’re spending all day (or all week!) trying to fix your website, then chances are you’re not taking care of the bigger-picture tasks that help your business grow.

So where can you get the on-demand WP support you need, without the expense of hiring a full-time web person or dealing with annoying support-ticket systems?

Right here at WP Tangerine.

Get fast, dependable WordPress support services – on demand

WP Tangerine is your source for unlimited WP support, whenever you need it, from a team of skilled WordPress experts.

Unlike traditional WordPress support services, we don’t charge you for each ticket or set enormous project rates. One low monthly subscription fee gets you all the support you need, up to the number of hours designated by your plan, plus site changes, development, graphic design and other tasks as you need them.

There’s simply no easier or more affordable way to get the WordPress support you need.

A better way to get WordPress support

Here’s how we do it at WP Tangerine:

  • 1) Tell us what’s wrong 24/7: Once you join, simply let us know whenever you need support. You can submit as many issues or tasks as you want, as determined by the package you choose. Plus, submitting an issue is as simple as sending us an email!
  • 2) We’re on it! Our 1-day turnaround ensures a prompt response to your issue. For larger projects, we’ll send you daily updates to keep you informed of our progress.
  • 3) Problem solved: We’ll take care of your website issues FAST, so you can focus on more important things.

And remember, our WordPress services go far beyond WP support. We employ a skilled team of WordPress developers, WordPress website designers, account managers and experts to take care of ANY aspect of your site. So you can free up your time and delegate all your web tasks to us.

Ready to see how we can help your WordPress site thrive? Check out our packages or request a free expert website analysis.