WordPress Support: 7 Things to Avoid When You Need Support

Your website is your digital presence. If there’s an issue or your site goes down for even a moment, your business reputation could be at stake. Plus, trying to fix a website problem yourself can easily derail your entire day. That’s why it is important to get professional WordPress support to handle these issues as quickly and efficiently as possible.

While you may already know our WP Tangerine team is always available to help out, there are a few things to keep in mind if you’re comparing other options for 24×7 WordPress support.

Here are seven things to avoid when you need WordPress support services.

1. Long Wait Times for Paid WordPress Support

If you’re paying for WordPress support services, you should never have to wait long for a fix. Any agency or provider out there who says you’ll need to wait days (or weeks?!) to see changes made is probably overworked or less honest than you need them to be. Keeping your WordPress website going is important, so you need a support team that is always there for you when you need them, whether for emergency issues or the lower-priority fixes you need.

2. Pay-Per-Ticket WordPress Support Services

Another thing many other firms in our industry do that really drives us crazy is pay-per-ticket WordPress services. If you’re paying for a service, you shouldn’t have to shell out more cash each time you need a minor fix. That’s why WP Tangerine offers virtually unlimited service options for our customers.

3. Bad Information on Forums

Of course, when something comes up with your WordPress website, there’s a good chance you’ll jump on Google and try to diagnose the problem yourself. And you’ll probably find a forum or twenty where people are talking about various ways to fix it. You might even ask a question and get advice from strangers, too (though this can sometimes take days or weeks). We strongly advise against this, unless your issue is of low importance. What works for one person might not be the same in another situation. Attempting to implement their advice yourself could cause bigger problems overall.

4. YouTube Videos That Don’t Apply

Much like bad information on forums, it’s not always a good idea to use advice from YouTube videos that may not directly apply to your situation. For starters, you could waste hours trying to find a WordPress support video that applies to your situation – only to discover that it doesn’t even exist. Also, keep in mind that WordPress websites are like onions—they have multiple layers of plugins and data that keep them running smoothly. What works for one site owner might not necessarily be appropriate for your issue. Using this type of blind guidance can put you in a spot where the problem becomes worse than it was to begin with. Also, it would be far faster to use 24×7 WordPress support services.

5. Your Somewhat Techy Friends

While your buddies might be good for advice on a number of different topics, it isn’t always a good idea to try to get them to repair your website when you need 24×7 WordPress support. (Unless you regularly hang out with one of our talented WP Tangerine team members, of course!) Your sister or neighbor who built a blog a couple years ago probably has some knowledge, but when it comes to keeping your digital presence running online and powering your business, it is always better to work with a WordPress expert.

6. Letting the Problem Continue

While some website owners immediately jump on fixing a problem with their WordPress site, there are others that feel like it might be a good idea to just ignore it and see what happens. Yikes! But we totally get it. If you’re a business owner, you probably just don’t have the time to do anything about it, so you let it sit as long as you can. However, this is definitely something we do NOT recommend. Just because you’ve forgotten about the issue doesn’t mean your visitors aren’t seeing it every day (or worse: the issue could lead to even greater problems, like security vulnerabilities).

7. Attempting a Fix By Yourself

This is probably the biggest thing you want to avoid when you need WordPress support, unless you have the time and skills to do it. Unless you have a pretty solid background in building websites, you’ll definitely need someone experienced to diagnose and fix the issue. More often than not, bigger issues occur when a website owner tries to tackle a large issue on their own without any professional support. In the end, this only exacerbates the problem and makes it tougher to fix.

Quality 24×7 WordPress Support Services from WP Tangerine

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