Four Signs You Need Unlimited WordPress Support

Investing in unlimited WordPress support is money well-spent, especially if you don’t have the time or technical know-how needed to create, maintain and update your site.

Unsure if you need it? Here are four tell-tale signs that you could be saving time and money by getting unlimited WordPress Support from our experts at WP Tangerine.

Signs You Need WordPress Support:

1. The Site Isn’t Working Properly

Does your site regularly have functionality issues? Perhaps pages don’t load quickly, or even at all. Maybe your site looks good on a computer but won’t display properly on a smartphone or tablet. Maybe people are regularly abandoning their shopping cart, and you know there’s a glitch in there somewhere but can’t figure out where it is or how to fix it.

A bad website doesn’t just fail to generate sales. It also gives people a bad impression of your business. It’s the digital equivalent of having a lousy, disorganized storefront window with broken mannequins and stained clothing. If your site isn’t working well, you need professional WordPress support to remedy the problems and prevent them from reoccurring in the future.

2. The Site Needs Updates

Every site needs regular updates. Images of old products should be replaced with images of new products. Outdated graphics that looked good a few years ago may need to be changed. Maybe new pages are in order to help people better understand your business model, or maybe you need to change the background color. A professional website designer can keep your site in step with the times to ensure it appeals to your target audience.

3. Your Site Loads Slowly

Statistics show that a whopping 40% of consumers won’t wait longer than three seconds for a site to load. Ideally, you’ll want your site to load in two seconds if it’s an ecommerce site. Even a one-second difference in load time can have a huge impact on site traffic and sales. There are many reasons why a site loads slower than it should, so it’s wise to have a professional assess the site to not only speed up load time but also prevent future loading issues.

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4. You Can’t Keep up With Your Site

Do you find yourself spending so much time trying to fix or update your site that you don’t have time for other important tasks? Conversely, do you find it difficult to spend any amount of time even looking at your site because you have so much on your plate? Perhaps WordPress is showing you aren’t getting as many visitors as you used to, but you don’t know why and don’t have the time or know-how to figure it out all on your own.

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WordPress has a very user-friendly content management platform and offers a host of plug-ins, features and amenities to help you create a good business website. However, it often takes expert help to select the best features and get them working properly. What’s more, you’ll also need custom features to help your site stand out from the competition. WordPress support is a must for any business owner who wants to run a successful business long-term.

5. Get Unlimited WordPress Support from WP Tangerine

WP Tangerine offers unlimited WordPress support services for a flat, affordable monthly subscription fee. These services include site design, maintenance, repair, updates, SEO services and custom services to ensure your site looks good, loads quickly and meets the needs and expectations of your target audience.

What’s more, we offer a free expert website analysis to help you better understand how your site works and what can be improved. Get in touch with us at your convenience to start the process of improving your online presence to showcase your business in the best possible light.