4 Urgent Questions to Ask a WordPress Expert

What should you ask a WordPress expert to make sure your website is functioning as well as it should be?

For busy business owners, it can be difficult to know when something is seriously wrong with your website, even if the site seems to be working fine. Slow-loading pages, broken links and poorly optimized content, for example, can all play a role in hurting the success of your site. And, when there are functional issues with the site as well, it can send visitors fleeing just seconds after they load a page.

This is where it can be hugely beneficial to ask a WordPress expert to review your site and make critical recommendations to improve its performance (and, ultimately, your bottom line).

Here are 4 questions to ask.

1) Ask a WordPress Expert:
How can I improve the speed of my website?

Over 50% of mobile visitors will exit a website that takes longer than three seconds to load. Those numbers continue to climb with each additional millisecond in load time. So if your site is too slow, you’re undoubtedly losing visitors before they even see your home page.

Ask a WordPress expert how you can accelerate your site’s load time. Often, there are several effective strategies that can significantly improve page speed, including image optimization, the use of caching and minification, just to name a few.


2) Ask a WordPress Expert:
What hosting should I use?

Hosting plays a huge role in your website’s uptime and speed. If your site is constantly going down, or mysteriously slow to load, then it could be due to issues related to your web host.

So, which hosting is best? It all depends on your site’s unique objectives. This is why it’s a good idea to ask a WordPress expert who can advise you on selecting the right host for your needs.

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3) Ask a WordPress Expert:
How can I improve my SEO?

If you want visitors to find your site in search engines like Google, then having proper SEO is critical. This means using clean, white-hat optimization techniques and a precise keyword strategy based on your business’s offering and online competition.

There are many ways to approach SEO, depending on the results you’re looking for. So be sure to ask a WordPress expert (who specializes in SEO) which strategies are right for your specific needs.


4) Ask a WordPress Expert:
How do I fix this?

Something broken? Page not loading? A plugin not working? Form fields gone missing?

Sometimes the “littlest” site issues can have an enormous impact on your business. This is why it’s important to fix problems as quickly as possible. For known issues, ask a WordPress expert if they can effectively troubleshoot the problem. If you’re unsure whether your site is working properly, or have zero time to review it yourself, look for an expert who can conduct an extensive audit.


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