Four WordPress SEO Service Best Practices to Make Your Business More Successful

There was a time in the history of online marketing that WordPress SEO service was all about stuffing keywords into your site. The idea was to catch Google’s attention and put you on top of their search engine results. That clever trick worked for a while until Google’s crawlers grew wiser.

SEO services wear two hats. Black-hat SEO is not good because it ends up filling your website with rubbish instead of useful, relevant information that provides your customers with a solution to their problems. WPTangerine is a white-hat SEO service provider. They only implement those proven safe and effective SEO strategies to boost your website.

Best Practices for WordPress SEO Service

WPTangerine makes sure to offer only the best practices recommended by leading search engines like Google. Consider these highly recommended SEO services done by its experienced SEO Specialists.

  • Strategic Link Building and Hyperlink Optimization – Link-building is the most popular SEO strategy because Google uses links as a criterion for tagging your site as a reliable source of quality information. But, with Google’s new algorithm, you can’t have too many links placed sporadically on your site. WPTangerine’s SEO specialists will perform an extensive audit of your website to ensure that you place relevant links strategically on a page.
  • Customized Keyword Strategy and Content Analysis – Keywords are precisely the keys to getting your website ranked higher on search engines. These are the terms that your target audience will use to search for information on the web. Your keywords should be relevant to your business. SEO specialists from WPTangerine will help you find the right keywords phrases that bring the most value to your customers to help you achieve your business goals.
  • SEO Content Creation and Development – Content is the meat of all WordPress SEO services. After having identified the most keyword phrases for your website, you will need to develop your content strategy for those keywords. WPTangerine employs professional writers who specialize in creating high-quality articles to avoid keyword stuffing on your site. Keyword stuffing may harm your website’s search engine rankings.
  • Optimization of Existing Content and Keywords – Creating fresh, unique content daily is a great challenge for all content creators. Just as any writer, it’s easy to get writer’s block as you move your way to provide quality content on your website for your customers and target audience. WPTangerine includes this SEO service in its portfolio. Besides creating new content each month, they will also optimize existing content to keep it fresh and valuable before Google’s eyes.


Those are the four SEO best practices offered by WPTangerine. You can have more when you get one of its service plans. If you run an online store, they can help with your WooCommerce integrations to help you boost your sales. They also help with graphics and web design, maintenance, optimization, and many more.

Bonus Services

WPTangerine offers lucrative SEO service packages. On top of the four SEO best practices and other WordPress services mentioned, they also provide the following bonus services:

  • unlimited WordPress tasks up to 1 hour per day
  • unlimited graphics & design tasks up to 1 hour per day
  • 24/7 uptime monitoring
  • Emergency support & site fixes
  • updates to themes, plugins, and WordPress versions
  • website backups and restorations
  • site improvement suggestions


Getting WPTangerine’s services provides WordPress help services and will help you save time in implementing your SEO strategy. They work hard to complete each task within one business day or even less if possible. They can handle all your SEO needs so you can focus on growing your business.

The First Step

The secret to a successful SEO content strategy is a clear understanding of your business goals and objectives. It is necessary to help you identify the right keywords to place on your website. That is why in every WordPress SEO service package, WPTangerine begins with a comprehensive analysis and audit of your site to determine the most valuable keywords that will give you the highest ROI.

Talk to a WPTangerine specialist now if you want to make a difference and ramp up your business. Maybe you only need a shift on your SEO content strategy to get those leads and conversions that you’ve always wanted. These WordPress experts know what is best for your WordPress site.