Using an experienced WordPress SEO company is the best way to increase your website’s ranking in search results. But since there are so many SEO firms out there, finding the right company can be a little overwhelming.

The following tips will help you narrow your options, so you can find the right WordPress SEO services for your needs.

1) Confirm if the company specializes in WordPress SEO services.

WordPress is its own beast. Although the fundamentals of SEO are the same for most websites, optimizing a WordPress site requires its own techniques and tools. So be sure to partner with a WordPress developer / SEO firm that is focused specifically on WordPress SEO.

2) Check the company’s experience.

Don’t waste your time (and money) with amateurs. Look for a WordPress SEO company that has extensive experience optimizing sites like yours.

3) Look for proof of results.

Be wary of partnering with a company that cannot show proof of results that they have produced for other clients. Look for WordPress experts that have a proven track record of increased rankings for their clients. 

4) Check reviews and ratings from previous clients.

Confirm how well the company is rated on third-party sites, such as Google, Facebook, Trustpilot and so on. While these sites don’t always reveal the full picture, they can help you avoid companies with troublesome track records and narrow your options to the best-rated providers.

5) Compare pricing.

Pricing for WordPress SEO services can vary significantly. One reason for that is the huge differences in the scope of services that various companies provide. So be sure to compare pricing carefully and get a detailed breakdown of the specific SEO strategies that the company will use.

6) Ask how your existing content will need to change.

Ask your prospective WordPress consultant how your website’s existing pages will be optimized. Don’t be surprised if your headlines, page titles, navigation and other content will need significant changes to incorporate your target keywords. In contrast, if the company claims it can optimize your site without doing any optimization to existing content, you should be skeptical.

7) Make sure external optimization is included.

On-site optimization is critical, but an equally important strategy for SEO is getting high-value links on other sites. This can include backlinks on other credible websites, as well as external press releases, articles and other content that sends traffic (and crawlers) back to your website.

8) Carefully review the keyword strategy.

Always confirm the primary keyword phrases that your WordPress development agency will be optimizing your site for. If you’re not sure what these keywords are, then how will you be able to gauge results? Also, you may find that the SEO firm wants to target keywords that don’t exactly fit your business, so it’s best to review their keyword strategy carefully.

9) Ask for a dedicated WordPress expert or account manager.

If you’re partnering with a larger company, make sure you’ll have a primary point of contact that you can communicate with whenever you have questions or need updates about your SEO campaigns.

10) Be patient.

No matter which provider you choose – whether it’s a solo WordPress developer or a large WordPress development agency – be mindful that SEO takes time. Even the most aggressive strategies will usually not instantly skyrocket your site to the top of search results. But keep in mind that even the most gradual ranking increases can translate into massive increases in organic traffic. 

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