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How to Choose WordPress Support Services & Hosting Providers

WordPress support services can be a huge help in growing your website and fixing problems along the way. But since not all providers offer the same level of support (or quality of service), it’s important to choose your options carefully.

With the right WP support and hosting, you’ll save time and make your website faster, more secure and – well, more AWESOME. But on the flipside, relying on bad support will guarantee costly headaches in the future.

Tips in Choosing WordPress Support Services & Hosting Providers

Here’s how to make the right choice.

1) Look for WordPress support services that include hosting

For example, here at WP Tangerine, all of our customers get access to world-class hosting from WP Engine (for free with some plans). But many WordPress support services don’t include hosting at all.

Why does it matter?

For starters, your website is only as good as the servers where it’s hosted. Good hosting ensures that your site is always available and loads fast (which can help your SEO results and ensure that customers are reaching your site before clicking away).

Additionally, if you’re going to invest in support services, you might as well get the biggest bang for your buck. You’ll reap way more benefits from your support package when hosting is included.

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2) Define what "WordPress support services" actually means to YOU

Be sure to read the fine print.

Does “support” mean you submit a ticket with a problem and somebody sends you a long email with instructions on how to solve it yourself? Or, will somebody actually fix it for you?

The whole point of using WordPress support services is that professionals will take care of issues for you! If the company isn’t willing to do the actual heavy lifting for you, then it’s time to look elsewhere.

3) Need more than just fixes? Maximize your WordPress support services

It’s not just about support!

These days, the best WP support teams offer a wide range of services that go far beyond website fixes. For example, at WP Tangerine, we offer cost-efficient packages that cover every WordPress need imaginable, including:

If a support team isn’t willing to do all this, then it’s best to choose a company that will. You should be able to get your site how you want it, without having to spend all day in your WordPress dashboard.

4) Make sure your site is updated - some WordPress support services do that too

outdated plugins

If you’re not checking your dashboard often, you may not realize that your theme, plugins or WordPress version is suddenly out of date. That leaves your site vulnerable to critical security risks, or it could even break the functionality of your site.

Look for support options that take care of these updates for you, so you don’t have to worry about them. At WP Tangerine, all theme, plugin and core software updates are included with every package.

5) Look for WordPress support services that know when your site goes down

WordPress Error

Websites can go down for numerous reasons. Often, it’s an issue with the web host, but it can also be due to a bad theme or plugin that is suddenly no longer compatible with WordPress, or a security issue.

Whatever the reason may be, it should not be a 3 a.m. surprise that ruins your whole week every time your site goes down. A good support team will actively monitor your site uptime (as we do at WP Tangerine) and take swift action if any issues arise.

Need a helping hand?

Our WordPress experts are happy to help! Choose WP Tangerine and get unlimited WordPress support, WooCommerce help, development, website design, maintenance, optimization and advice. Request a free website analysis to get started.

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