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How to Find 24×7 WordPress Support Near You

Having access to 24×7 WordPress Support is critical when you’re running a business online. Because when things go wrong with your WordPress site, it can literally sink your business.

But knowing where to get that WordPress support is another challenge altogether. With so many different services and “experts” out there, it’s essential that you choose the right level of support for your needs.

Here’s how to find the WordPress help you need.

WHY do you need 24x7 WordPress Support?

Finding the right support is a lot easier when you can narrow down your options based on your unique goals.

For example, some websites truly need 24×7 WordPress support, around the clock, while others may only have a handful of issues that aren’t very time-sensitive.

With that in mind, here are some questions to consider:

By answering these questions, you’ll be able to weed out WordPress services and specialists that are unable to provide the support you need.

As you narrow your options, use these tips to confirm you’ll get the expertise you’re looking for.

Tips in Finding WordPress Support

Make sure you'll be supported

Every website owner has different needs. And just because a company claims to offer “24×7 WordPress support” doesn’t mean they offer the support you want.

Here are some examples of varying types of help:

WordPress Error


Basic troubleshooting for problems in WordPress, such as plugins or themes not functioning correctly.

wordpress theme error

Emergency care​

Priority help for emergencies, such as a site outage or critical functionality problem, like shopping cart errors.

WordPress Design Company

Website redesign

More expansive support for site redesigns and development.

speed optimization


Ongoing site improvements, such as search-engine optimization, page load speed and HTML best practices.

24x7 WordPress Support

Around-the-clock support for any issues or goals you have for your WordPress site.

Very few services include all of these levels of support in a single package, like we do at WP Tangerine. Most only specialize in one type, which is why it’s important to compare each option carefully.

Verify experience and expertise

You’ve just bought a new Rolls Royce, but it needs some repairs. Would you rather hire somebody who’s a Rolls Royce expert, or someone who only fixes Hondas?

The same goes for your website. Why would you trust an amateur with your business’s most valuable marketing asset?

Here’s what you should confirm before moving forward:

WordPress Professionals

Check reputation

What do others say?

Like anything else you buy online these days, you should take the time to evaluate other customers’ experiences before you buy. For companies offering 24×7 WordPress support, that means paying close attention to what other WordPress owners say via different outlets, such as:

WP Tangerine Testimonial 1
WP Tangerine Testimonial 2
WP Tangerine Testimonial 2

Beware the "near me" trap

If you’re specifically looking for “24×7 WordPress support near me,” then we have to ask … why?

You’re significantly limiting your options if you’re searching for someone local. But also, even local specialists will typically work remotely. Unlike other IT issues, there’s no need for WordPress support teams to come to your physical location, because they can provide support anywhere in the world – and they can do it faster without having to drive to your location.

By expanding your search nationwide, or globally, you’ll be better positioned to find an WordPress expert that’s perfect for your needs.

Confirm what "24x7 WordPress support" means

Does 24/7 mean that you can get instant support, no matter what time of day it is?

Or does it mean you can submit tickets 24/7, but get a response at a later time?

The answer is important. Because if you have a website that needs round-the-clock support, then you have access to someone who can help you immediately, whenever you need it.

Get 24x7 WordPress Support from our experts

At WP Tangerine, we offer unlimited 24×7 WordPress support for a flat, affordable monthly rate that includes:

Get started today: select a package that’s right for you, or request a free expert analysis of your website.