WordPress Support: Finding the Help You Need, When You Need It

WordPress Support: Finding the Help You Need, When You Need It

There’s a reason WordPress is one of the most popular website builders available. Not only is it versatile and relatively user-friendly, but it’s also a robust content management system – and even better: it’s FREE. However, finding good WordPress Support can be challenging at times if you don’t know where to look. 

If you need a lot of technical support with your website or you’re too busy to make site changes yourself, managing a WordPress site can quickly become burdensome.

Tips in Finding the Best WordPress Support

But don’t ditch WP just yet! Here are some approaches you can take to finding the best WordPress support for your needs:

Hacking It Yourself

If you’re a DIY kind of person, then you can try to figure out how to run your WordPress website by yourself or in-house. While this can sound a bit overwhelming if you’re new to web development, you can take heart knowing that you can create a fully functioning WordPress site without having to do any HTML coding (though it helps to have a basic understanding).

DIY Coding

That’s one of the best features of WordPress: being able to custom design a website using themes and plugins, rather than writing the code yourself.

While WordPress is user-friendly, it’s not as beginner-friendly as some other drag-and-drop platforms like Squarespace or Wix. But, the trade-off is that you can integrate it with thousands of other applications, making it much more versatile, customizable and robust.

elementor platform
How to Find 24×7 WordPress Support Near You
How to Find 24×7 WordPress Support Near You

Fast & easy tips for finding affordable 24x7 WordPress Support. See how to get the best support to grow your website, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

DIY WordPress Support Resources

There are a couple of ways you can figure out the ins and outs of WordPress on your own.

WordPress help documentation


Since WordPress has over 455 million users, chances are that someone has run into the same questions you have. Search and sift through WordPress’s website archives and you’ll probably find something helpful. You just have to know what you’re looking for (and have the time to do that research).


It only takes a few minutes of web searching to discover that there is a plethora of resources available to help you build a WordPress website, including articles, videos and books. You’ll just want to make sure that whatever resource is up to date, since WordPress is constantly evolving.

As-Needed WordPress Support Services

Another way to get WordPress support is to do a combination of building and maintaining your website on your own and paying for the help you need when you need it.

There are a few places where you can find support, depending on what kinds of issues you’re having.

hosting providers

Your hosting service

Depending on what kind of problem you’re having and what kinds of services your host offers, you can sometimes get help directly from them. They are usually most helpful with backend and site performance issues. At least some level of support is usually included with your hosting package (although quality can vary widely).

Third-party applications

Most WordPress users use a combination of third-party applications to build their website. Sometimes these applications come with technical support services. This can be helpful if you need support for specific programs but may be less helpful if you’re having some broader issues with your website.

Professional Developer

WP Tangerine Offered WordPress Development Services

Sometimes you may have the need call in an WordPress development agency. This is usually the most expensive WordPress support option. You can hire a developer for any stage of your website, whether you need help starting it from scratch, or if you need support with technical issues further down the road. Just be sure to compare pricing, because hiring a pro can be very costly.

Ongoing WordPress Support Services

If you have a business that requires ongoing website maintenance, changes or optimizations, trying to do it yourself can be a huge headache and a waste of time. Even though you might save some money up front, it will ultimately cost you by eating up your valuable time (and potentially leaving you with worse results).

Ongoing WordPress help from a service like WP Tangerine is a way to take a lot of the hassle out of building and maintaining a website, so you can focus on your core product or service. Plus, you’re get better results by having a team of WordPress experts work on your site – and that helps your bottom line too.

With WP Tangerine, you can get unlimited WP support and WordPress services for a flat monthly rate that includes nearly any fixes or site changes you need:

If you’re ready to take the headache out of getting the WordPress support you need, sign up for our free expert website analysis. We’ll help you get started.