How Much Does a WordPress Consultant Cost?

Business owners often make the mistake of assuming that a WordPress consultant costs too much for their budget. But in fact, getting world-class WordPress consulting is a lot more affordable than you might think.

A skilled WordPress consultant can vastly improve your website in all the ways that matter: speed, functionality, design, SEO and more. And by choosing the right professionals, you can get all the help you need, for a fraction of the traditional cost of paying a big-time WordPress consulting agency.

Here’s what you need to know.

Costs of Hiring a WordPress Consultant (The Old Way)

A traditional WordPress consultant can cost $1,000 to $3,000 or more per month in retainer fees. This typically includes a limited number of consultation calls, website analyses and personalized recommendations for site improvements. On an hourly basis, Word Press consultants can charge between $100 to $500 per hour, often with a minimum requirement, such as 10 hours a month.

These exorbitant costs are the reason why hiring WordPress consultants has traditionally been cost prohibitive for smaller businesses. Advice from these experts was reserved for the big players – the larger companies and big-name brands, many of whom were transitioning their sites to WordPress for the first time and had no idea how to use the platform.

But even with the high costs, there were several problems with hiring a WordPress consultant …

Disadvantages of Hiring Traditional Word Press Consultants

Typically, all you get from a traditional WordPress consultant is … consultations!

Just feedback, advice, suggestions … but no actual help implementing any of those recommendations. Website owners were on their own to do that work themselves or hire additional designers and developers.

  • No design work
  • No development
  • No configurations
  • No hands-on help whatsoever

So you can see how these expensive WordPress consulting services were of little use to the vast majority of WordPress users who had limited budgets for hiring outside help.

This is where WP Tangerine has been a gamechanger.

How Much Does a WordPress Consultant Cost with WP Tangerine?

Hiring a WordPress consultant with WP Tangerine costs as little as $67 per month, which includes an extensive range of WordPress services, in addition to consulting.

WP Tangerine is the best and most affordable way to get professional advice for your WordPress site, plus full-service help putting those recommendations to work for you. As a customer, you get access to a full team of Word Press consultants, developers, designers, client managers and QA Specialists who can help answer any question and can take care of any WordPress task you have.

Unlimited Support, On Top of WordPress Consulting

Best of all, WP Tangerine provides support for nearly any WordPress issue, in addition to consulting services, up to the number of hours designated by your service package.

So no matter what kind of help you need – whether it’s to fix a problem or some professional design advice, WP Tangerine has your back. All for a fraction of the cost of hiring a WordPress consultant the traditional way.

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