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WordPress Consultant – Why You Need One for Your Business in 2020

Using a platform like WordPress to build your own site is great when you’re doing it for a hobby or a personal blog. But if you want a world-class website for your business, then it’s often best to rely on the expertise of professionals.

A professional website needs to incorporate security features, SEO practices and follow the best design principles – just to name a few requirements. Your web-savvy customers can absolutely spot the difference between a professionally-built site and the work of an amateur. Even the smallest factors can make a difference in attracting and bringing users back to your website.

If you want to ensure your website looks and functions at professional standards, it may be a good idea to hire a WordPress consultant. Here at WP Tangerine, we can help consult you on the best strategies for your website and take care of all your site needs, from everyday tasks to a big-picture project.

But let’s step back for a moment and look at why this expertise is so important.

What Consultants Bring to the Table

It’s true that anybody can learn to design a stylish, modern WordPress site. It’s also true that anybody can learn a new language. However, do you have the time, drive and resources to do so?

A skilled WordPress consultant can take away all the headaches and frustrations of creating and maintaining your own website. They can provide valuable advice to ensure your site is properly planned, designed and optimized. And, hands-on WP consultants can even manage the site for you, taking care of ongoing updates and expanding the website as-needed over time.

Here are some key examples of how they can make your site better.

Professional Design & Development

These days, anybody who knows how to use a computer and follow basic directions can build a simple, templated website. Online website builders make it easy to create an attractive website, even if they have no previous experience. But that doesn’t mean the design will be up to par with professional sites. WordPress is a completely different beast, used by some of the biggest brands in the world to create robust websites for a multitude of purposes.

A WordPress consultant brings industry experience and first-hand knowledge to leverage the full power of WordPress and ensure your site is designed and developed in accordance with the highest standards.

These consultants know how to properly lay out the site (and each individual page) according to the unique goal of the site. They’re experts on WordPress themes, font families and all aspects of


  WordPress web design, helping you take your website to the next level. 

Quality User Experience

Have you ever been to a website that’s difficult to navigate or to find the information you’re looking for? That’s an example of poor user experience. Over the years, designers and WordPress developers have studied the movements of site visitors’ mouse pointers and even tracked the eyes of website study participants. All that information has given WordPress consultants firsthand knowledge in developing websites that offer the perfect user experience.

While every site is unique, a skilled WordPress consultant can help you with WordPRess and structure your site for maximum effectiveness, whether your goal is selling products, running a blog, displaying ads or any other objective.

To compete with other websites in your industry, you’ll want every edge you can get regarding the user experience. That’s where the expertise of a consultant is invaluable.

Site Security

Without prior knowledge and experience in implementing security features, you can’t be confident that your site is truly secure. A skilled WordPress consultant can help you implement essential security controls to prevent your site from being compromised or hijacked.

As data breaches have increased in recent years, proprietary information and personal data have been leaked from countless websites. To ensure your information and your users’ information is safe, relying on professionals is vital. 

SEO Services

Everyone wants their site to have a good SEO ranking. Doing so will ensure your site can be easily found by prospective customers who are searching online for your products and services. If you’re falling behind in the game of SEO – or have no idea how to approach it – then you are absolutely missing out on traffic to your site.

How Meta Tags Can Help your WordPress Seo Featured

Learning SEO can take time and requires experience to know what works and what doesn’t. A good WordPress consultant will have that experience. They know SEO best practices that will drastically improve your ranking in search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

WP Tangering WordPress Maintenance Plan

At WP Tangerine, we offer expert WordPress SEO services as part of our affordable WordPress support packages. If you want confidence in your SEO performance, we’re here to help. You’ll get access to an experienced team of consultants that can implement SEO practices that increase your organic site traffic.


A WordPress site requires constant maintenance. Plus, if you’re running a business, you probably need to make constant updates that eat up your time. You can’t expect to plant some seeds and reap the fruit without putting in more work.

Website maintenance Business Internet Network Technology Concept.[/caption]

To ensure your site stays fully functional, you have to perform WordPress maintenance that watches out for updates, broken features, outdated information and much more. Unless you have the time, patience and know how to do this maintenance yourself, then it’s probably best to hire a professional.

Improved Digital Marketing Campaigns

Competing in the online world is tough. Thousands of websites exist for seemingly every niche out there. To get an edge on competitors, you’ll need to run a thorough, proven digital marketing campaign with effective landing pages that align with your ads.

Some WordPress consultants can help you implement and update these landing pages for maximum effectiveness and higher conversion rates. Numerous factors play a role, from page speed to layout, which is why it’s so important to hire a pro.

Customer/Visitor Satisfaction

As someone who owns a website, you want to ensure your clients are satisfied with their online experience. Just like running a brick-and-mortar business, you don’t want a customer to leave unhappy. A WordPress consultant can ensure your website’s visitors can quickly find what they’re looking for and have a great experience that builds instant loyalty.

Your Expert WordPress Consultant Team

If you’re looking for a WordPress services or a WordPress consultant who can help you take your website to the next level, WP Tangerine is here to help. We have over 50 full-time team members with diverse expertise in WordPress development, design, marketing and more.

We have the expertise, experience and passion you need to launch and maintain world-class WordPress sites. Plus, we offer way more than consulting. We put your plan into action, managing every aspect of your site, month after month. With a flat, affordable monthly fee, you get unlimited WordPress support including design, development, SEO, maintenance and more!

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