The Best WordPress SEO Plugins 5 Features to Look For Banner

The Best WordPress SEO Plugins: 5 Features to Look For

If you’re serious about boosting the visibility of your WordPress site in search engine results, an SEO plugin is a must-have. There are a lot of options out there (some free, some paid), and they are not one-size-fits all.

So how do you pick which plugin is best for your site? Included in our WordPress SEO Services we recommend best SEO WordPress plugins that can help you improve your SEO and increase visibility. 

1. Copy Analysis

A very basic SEO plugin should be able to do a search through your copy and analyze the frequency of your targeted keyword phrase.

A more advanced plugin will be able to analyze use of related words and phrases as well as subject matter, so that you can determine how well you’re targeting your keyword. A great plugin will also rate the quality and readability of your writing and help you score high with search engines.

2. Search Engine Results Preview


WordPress’s basic functionality doesn’t show you what your webpages will look like in search results. A quality SEO plugin can show you a preview that includes images, title and meta description—and allow you to alter them as necessary.

You may have heard of Schema rich snippets and how important they can be to your site’s online visibility. A good SEO plugin should help you add these visual search elements to content like reviews, recipes and products so that they stand out.

3. Checks for Duplicate Content/Errors

To improve your SEO, not only should you create stellar content that ranks high in search engines, but the plugin should help you remove or redirect any content on your website that “dings” your SEO. This includes duplicate content and errors like broken links.

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4. Local SEO


If you run a local business, it’s vitally important that you show up in local search results! A plugin or plugin extension can help make your business’s information more visible on locally relevant search tools like Google maps, job boards and shopping results.

5. Plays Well with Other Plugins


No matter what functionalities your SEO plugin features, it should easily integrate with complementary plugins to maximize your SEO.

For example, if you run an ecommerce site, you’ll want to make sure that your plugin can integrate with your product pages and other content. Or if you use a plugin to create rich snippets, it shouldn’t interfere with other functions. And of course, all plugins should be lightweight and kept up to date by their developers to ensure that your site is secure and loads quickly.

Which WordPress SEO Plugins are Best?

It can be daunting to pick the right plugin for SEO, but Yoast is usually a good place to start. There’s a free version, which provides content analysis and search engine results, and it works well with other plugins. You can upgrade for premium features and support.

Some other great options we like include The SEO Framework, SEOPress and Ahrefs. In case you need WordPress Help in installing, updating, fixing some errors we are here to help.

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