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Starting a Blog? Hire a WordPress Consultant

As someone interested in starting a blog, you likely already have plenty of ideas on what you want your site to look like and what content you’ll add. Maybe you’re starting a blog for your business or for a hobby, like a travel blog, a food blog or even a blog about your local sports team. While WordPress is perfect for any type of blog, there are several other important things to consider as you launch (or expand) your website.

If you don’t have any experience in creating WordPress sites, it can be a little daunting. It may take some time to learn the ins and outs of the platform. There are many online tutorials that can guide you along the initial journey, but it’s important to set the right expectations: a learning curve will remain, no matter how much help you can find online.


Rather than struggle with the process, why not hire a WordPress consultant? Using an expert can be invaluable when you’re launching a blog for your business or planning to monetize your blog. As a business owner or blog writer, you may not have the time or patience to build your site, manage it and deal with all the frustrating issues that come up. This is where an experienced WordPress consultant can help you make your dream blog turn into reality!

Thinking about doing it yourself? Here are some things to consider — and how a consultant team like WP Tangerine can provide the guidance you need.

How Will You Design Your Site?


WordPress comes with several free and paid themes. Each of these themes is created with a specific type of website in mind. For instance, some themes work better for blogs, whereas others may be better for e-commerce websites. Indeed, nearly every niche calls for its own “look.”

Furthermore, once you choose a theme, you have to customize it. Do you want to feature select blog posts on the home page? Or do you think your site would look better with a separate page for all your posts?

When you hire a consultant, you get expert advice and real-world experience in designing and developing websites by one of the best WordPress development agency. This expertise ensures that you’ll get a professionally-built website that is sure to wow your readers.

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What’s Your Color Scheme?

This one may sound simple, but once it’s time to actually customize your site, getting the appearance right can be surprisingly challenging for a beginner.

As you begin to conceptualize your blog and your brand, the color scheme will make a great impact on the success of your project. Do you want bright, flashy colors, or would you prefer more calm and ambient type colors?

Your color scheme will likely depend heavily on what your blog will be about. Color patterns give off energy and emotions that aid in the brand identity. Choosing this color theme isn’t as easy as selecting which colors look nice when paired. It takes thoughtful planning and intention to pick the right color themes and you need the proper WordPress knowhow to actually pull it off.

With the help of a WordPress consultant, you can ensure your color scheme looks great and suits your blog well. Your website visitors will feel the cohesion between your blog posts and colors, which will help bring trust and respect to your brand with full WordPress help.

What Kind of Typeface Suits Your Theme?

Remember the ancient days of LiveJournal when people used all kinds of fancy, script fonts? “Wow! It looks like cursive writing, so cool!”

While these may have looked interesting in the early 2000s, they weren’t (and still aren’t) convenient to read.

Choosing the font for your blog may seem like another easy decision, but again, this is an area where good design expertise is crucial. Instead of doing endless research on font-families and styles, a WordPress consultant can help you with your WordPress website design a site that looks great, is easy to read and is easy on the eyes.

Do You Want to Include Advertising?


If you’ve created a blog that has gained popularity, there may come a point where you want to monetize the blog. However, that can be a big hurdle to jump on your own. It’s not just about deciding where to place ads. You need to know how to tinker with WordPress code to make the ads appear in those spots automatically.

For example, if you’re using an ad network that will rotate ads automatically, whether within posts, in sidebars or above your header, then there are different multi-step processes for implementing each of these.

A good WordPress consultant will have the knowledge you need to effectively incorporate advertising (without detracting from the look of your site). With their help, you’ll be able to advertise, monetize and attract more readers. 

Do You Want Your Blog to be Found in Google?


SEO (search engine optimization) plays a big role in the success of online businesses and blogs. Through the right SEO practices with companies like WP Tangerine who offer WordPress SEO services, you can increase the amount of organic traffic your website has and enjoy greater sales, conversions, ad clicks — whatever the goal of your blog may be.

Everyone knows how important it is to rank well in Google, but actually making it happen can be extremely challenging.

This is another crucial area where a skilled WordPress consultant can help. A consultant specializing in SEO can help you to optimize your site and build content that gets your site to the top of results in Google and other search engines..

What Will You Do When You Need Support?


WordPress does not offer support for users, beyond forums and general WordPress documentation. So when something goes wrong (as it inevitably does for any site), you’re on your own to figure it out.

What can go wrong? Plenty. Even for a very basic business blog, you could face site outages, buggy plugins, themes that stop working or endless issues affecting the functionality and appearance of your site.

A skilled WordPress consultant team like WP Tangerine can eliminate those headaches by solving any issues that arise. Their offered WordPress support service and expertise can reduce the risk of issues, and when something unexpected happens, they can provide the support you need. 

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