Hiring a WordPress expert is one of the best things you can do for your website and your business. By relying on a professional, you can give your website the attention and expertise it needs, while also freeing up your schedule for other important tasks.

Here are 10 reasons why you need a WordPress expert ASAP:

WordPress Developer

1) Time savings

Running a website is time-consuming, especially for business owners. By hiring a WordPress developer, you can delegate all your web tasks to an expert, giving you more time to focus on the “big picture” of running your business.

2) New features and functionality that can power your business

A WordPress development agency can make site enhancements that support your business processes and sales goals. Your WordPress consultant can identify the best plugins and implement new features to achieve any functionality you want. 

3) Fixes, support and emergency site help

When something goes wrong with your website, it’s good to have a WordPress expert you can rely on to resolve the issue quickly. By hiring a WordPress expert at WP Tangerine, you’ll have all the help and support you need for any issue that arises.

4) Site maintenance and WordPress updates

WordPress websites must be updated frequently. Otherwise, the plug-ins and themes will become outdated and vulnerable to security threats. By hiring a WordPress expert, you can rest easy knowing that your website is being properly maintained and updated as soon as new versions are released.

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5) Navigation & UI/UX improvements

Your site’s user interface (UI) affects how easily visitors can navigate your site, how long they stay on your site and whether they buy from you. An experienced WordPress developer can help you make vital improvements to your navigation and overall user experience (UX) that will dramatically increase your online success. 

6) Site design enhancements

Aside from the navigation, the overall appearance of your site is also important. If your website looks unprofessional, outdated or downright ugly, it will turn your visitors away. A WordPress expert can make your site fresh, original and attractive to your prospective customers. 

7) Page-load speed acceleration

Did you know that most people leave a website if it doesn’t load within 3 seconds? To know more, read this article. If you want to maximize your online success, it’s critical that your site loads as fast as possible. A knowledgeable WordPress developer will make the optimizations needed to super-charge your page-load speed. 


8) Security enhancements & safeguards

Don’t let your website become compromised by cyberattacks, malware or bad actors. Hire a WordPress expert who can implement critical security measures that prevent your site from being hijacked (and keep your visitor’s data safe too).

9) On-demand site changes

It takes time to update your website. New pages, graphics, content – all of these updates require time and resources you probably don’t have. By hiring a WordPress expert, you can delegate these tasks to a professional, whenever you need to make updates.

10) Invaluable guidance & advice

A WordPress expert can provide the guidance and recommendations you need to make your website the best it can be. Leverage their expertise to make informed decisions about your site’s design, performance, functionality and more.

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