Hiring a WordPress Development Agency? Read this First

Hiring a WordPress development agency is a smart move that can help take your website to the next level. But since not all agencies offer the same services (or skill), it’s important to compare your options carefully.

Whether you’re launching a new site or revamping an existing design, an experienced web development agency like WP Tangerine can help ensure that your site is properly built to attract visitors, conversions and sales.

Here’s how to find the right agency for your needs

What to Look for in a WordPress Development Company


1) Range of services


There’s no shortage of agencies out there, but the reality is that every WordPress development company offers something different. Some may specialize only in new site builds, while others may focus strictly on theme customization, coding and so on. Make sure you’re choosing the right firm for your specific needs.

At WP Tangerine, we are experts in all-things WordPress. We offer a wide range of WordPress services—for a flat subscription, rather than sky-high project fees—including:


If you get stuck with a WordPress development agency that offers limited services, then chances are you’ll end up wasting your money and will need to hire a secondary agency to handle the tasks that the first agency can’t.


2) How much experience the web development agency has


More precisely, you need to be sure that the agency has extensive experience with WordPress.

Why does it matter?

WordPress is a robust content management system. It offers far greater customization options than other website builders, and it’s a completely different beast vs. traditional web development. By choosing a skilled WordPress development agency, you can be sure that you’re getting the expertise you need to make your WordPress site the best it can be.

Be sure to verify how long the agency has been in business, along with the individual experience of the designers and developers.

3) Cost and pricing options


This is an important one.

Just because you’re hiring a WordPress development company doesn’t mean you have to be stuck with the traditional project-fee trap. Similarly, you also have to be careful hiring developers on an hourly rate, unless the terms are clearly spelled out in a contract. Otherwise, you could get stuck with exorbitant invoices for every little change made to your site.

At WP Tangerine, we have simplified the process of hiring a professional web development agency – for a fraction of the traditional cost. Our monthly subscription model allows you to get all the development, design and support your site needs, week after week, up to the number of hours specified in your chosen package. It’s a far more affordable way to develop and maintain a world-class WordPress site. And, despite the affordability, the quality of work is superior to that of most developers too!

WP Tangerine is the ONLY WordPress Development Agency You Need

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