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Hiring a WordPress Developer? 4 Questions You MUST Ask

Before you select a WordPress Development Agency…

Choosing a WordPress developer is a big decision. There’s no shortage of developers out there – and if you’re not careful about who you hire, you could get stuck with a mediocre website (and an outrageously expensive bill).

But don’t stress out just yet.

Finding the perfect web development agency is a lot simpler when you ask the right questions. At WP Tangerine, we’ve made it easier than ever to have an experienced WordPress developer build, optimize and maintain your website – for a fraction of the cost. But if you’re comparing your options, here are some critical questions to ask.

4 Questions Before Hiring a WordPress Developer

1) What exactly does the WordPress developer DO?

This may seem obvious, but you need to be sure that the WordPress developer actually offers the specific services you’re looking for.

Do they handle all aspects of the development? Initial builds only or edits to existing sites, or both?

What about the overall design for new sites – do they choose the WordPress theme for you? Do they present a range of options before starting? How do they consider your vision?

Is the developer more skilled in programming or WordPress website design, or a good balance of both?


2) How much experience does the web developer have?

This question is important whether you’re hiring an agency or a single freelance WordPress developer. You need to be sure they have a wealth of experience – and the right kind.

How long have they been developing websites? More specifically, how much experience do they have with WordPress?

Be wary of working with a recently established WordPress development agency, no matter how cool their branding looks or how good their prices are. A more experienced agency or freelancer will always produce higher quality work and without any of the unexpected problems that amateurs often run into.

3) What happens after your site is complete? How are new tasks handled?

Today’s websites are always works-in-progress. As a business owner or website manager, you’ll likely want to make changes, add new functionality and adapt your website to the needs of your business.

Additionally, as web standards are constantly evolving, WordPress sites need to be properly maintained to ensure they’re stable and secure.

So, how does that jive with what your WordPress developer offers? Do they offer ongoing WordPress services and WordPress support when you need it? Or do they only handle the larger site builds and projects, and then leave you stranded?

If you’re hiring a one-time developer, just be sure you have a plan for how you’ll make those site changes when they come up. Hiring a new developer for each new task can get very expensive.

4) How much does the WordPress developer charge?

How is pricing handled? One-time fee for large projects? Hourly? Monthly retainer?

Every web development agency does it differently, so it’s important to have the pricing terms clearly spelled out before you start working together.

Additionally, be sure to confirm turnaround time for each project, especially if the WordPress developer will be billing by the hour.

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