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How to Know When It’s Time to Hire a WordPress Consultant

WordPress is an attractive platform for many individuals and businesses who want to create a website. If you’re already familiar with WordPress, launching a basic site or blog with minimal features is a fairly straightforward process. However, for those who need a professional WordPress site built from scratch, or ongoing site maintenance and expansion, it may be time to hire a skilled WordPress consultant.

A WordPress consultant can help improve your site in numerous ways, including the design, functionality, SEO and overall strategy. But hiring a consultant can also be a big decision – especially for smaller businesses with limited web budgets.

So, how do you know if it’s the right choice for you? Here are some ways to know when it’s time.

4 Commons Signs You Need a WordPress Consultant

1) WordPress is Taking Up Too Much of Your Time

When you’re starting with WordPress, there’s a steep learning curve to figuring out hosting, WordPress website design, development and more. To have a well-built site, you have to think about the user interface, user experience, best design practices and much more. The whole process can be overwhelming. What theme should you use? Which fonts? Should you put the navbar on the top? Should it be a sticky navbar?

You may find yourself spending too much time on the design alone – and that’s only one small aspect of running a website, especially if it’s for business purposes. When it gets to implementing the content and maintaining, troubleshooting and updating plugins, you may suddenly be spending hours working on your site, instead of focusing on your business’s big-picture strategies.

This is a good sign that you should hire a WordPress consultant. Doing so will free up your time, which can then be put toward your business, hobbies, families, friends or whatever it is that is lacking the attention it needs! Plus, hiring a WordPress expert, like WP Tangerine, ensures each facet of your website is in the hands of professionals with years of experience.


2) You’re Experiencing Issues with Your Site

All websites, whether WordPress or not, can prove to be finicky at times. Frequent updates, changes to plugins and outdated features all cause headaches to you and your visitors. When you experience a bug, it can take a significant amount of energy and time just to figure out the root of the issue. Then, you have to spend time researching solutions before you can implement one. Even after you’ve fixed the issue, the solution you found may simply be a temporary patch. It may not fix the underlying issue.

WordPress Updates

Some issues often lie in the code of outdated or poorly developed plugins. Unless you’ve had prior experience in development environments, the problem may be out of reach. This is another strong indicator that hiring a WordPress consultant is right for you.

Whenever you run into a bug or an issue, a good WordPress consultant can provide WordPress help quickly find the right solution. They have the knowledge, experience and skills necessary to determine the issue and find the right solution. At WP Tangerine, our experts have proven experience in overcoming all sorts of problems with WordPress sites. Plus, unlike a traditional consultant that only provides advice, we actually resolve the problem for you. Our skilled WordPress developers find the underlying issue and implement the best solution – not just a temporary workaround!


3) You Don’t Have the Patience or Skills to Become a WordPress Expert

For beginners, WordPress can take a significant amount of time and energy to learn. To become an expert, it takes even more work. Depending on the type of site you need, you’ll want to have a website that looks professionally built. You’ll have to experiment with different plugins, themes and features.

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If you’re not extremely passionate about learning WordPress development, you won’t be able to achieve these results on your own. In this case, it’s probably time to hire a WordPress consultant. A consultant will help you plan, launch and expand your site over time – so you can grow must faster.

When you choose WP Tangerine for your consultancy needs, you get a full team of passionate WordPress gurus. You’ll have unlimited access to our consultants, designers, developers and QA specialists.   


4) Your Website is Starting to Look Old & Outdated

Anyone can make a website or a blog that functions well, holds your content and overall does the job required. However, there’s a significant difference between a standard website and a professional-looking website. Your users and even your competitors will be able to tell if your website was professionally developed. If you believe your site is lacking in quality and you need to ask an expert to take it to the next level, then it’s time to hire a WordPress consultant.

Knowledgeable WordPress consultants will work with you to understand your needs, ideas and goals. Once an understanding has been reached, your consultant will direct a team of developers and designers to create your dream site.

As a full-service WordPress development agency, WP Tangerine can provide far more than a traditional consultant. Our experts provide WordPress services and create stunning websites that deliver a better user experience to your visitors and can help you reach your unique business goals.

Need Some Help? We’re Here for You

Building a professional WordPress website by yourself is certainly doable, as long as you have the time, energy and dedication. Once you’ve created the website, you’ll have to continually update information, perform regular WordPress maintenance and keep your theme and plugins updated. Without this constant upkeep, your site’s user experience and overall functionality may begin to dwindle.

If you’re running a business, then you probably have much more important things to focus on.

Join WP Tangerine, and you never have to worry about these issues again. We eliminate the headaches of running your own website by taking care of all your WordPress tasks for you. From initial planning to long-term objectives (and all the little site changes in between) we can help with EVERY aspect of your site. You’ll get an ample amount of time back that can be better spent on your business, and in the process, you’ll save money too.

WP Tangerine provides you with a full team of experts that have unparalleled knowledge in their respective fields. To date, we have completed well over 6,000 projects, worked on over 3,000 individual websites and we employ more than 50 WordPress gurus.

If you want to ensure your WordPress site is a notch above your competitors, choose WP Tangerine for your consultancy needs. Browse our affordable monthly plans to find the right fit for your needs.