7 Benefits of Hiring a WordPress Consultant for Your Website Banner

7 Benefits of Hiring a WordPress Consultant for Your Website

Why Use a WordPress Consultant?

As a WordPress user, you already know how great the platform is for building a robust website. At the same time, you also know how enraging it can be.

If you’ve been managing your own site for a while, then you’ve probably dealt with numerous problems: plugins breaking, functionality not working, design issues and the frustration of needing to constantly update the theme, plugins and WordPress itself (which can then cause further problems when they’re no longer compatible with each other).

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All of these issues slow you down, eat up your time and stop you from focusing on what matters most: your big-picture business growth.

If you’re tired of struggling with your website and ready to take it to the next level, then it’s probably time to seek the expertise of a professional WordPress consultant.

Check out the following 7 benefits of relying on a WordPress consultant like WP Tangerine to make your site infinitely better.

Key Advantages of a WordPress Consultant

1) Custom Guidance

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One of the most challenging parts of WordPress is finding the answers to your questions. As WordPress is a globally used website, with millions of users, there are endless forums, blogs, and documentation articles. While that’s an advantage in some sense, that also means you could be pouring through websites searching for an answer to a very specific problem your WordPress site experienced.

Rather than settle for answers that don’t fit your website, let a WordPress Consultant provide you with guidance tailored to you. A WordPress expert, like WP Tangerine, can answer your questions and provide tips and tricks that suit your unique website.

WordPress consultants provide one-on-one support—something that cannot be replicated elsewhere.


2) Design Expertise

WordPress consultants who specialize in WordPress website design can make your site more professional, attractive and engaging to visitors.

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Making a website on WordPress is relatively easy. But making a website that’s professional, tailored to specific users and fully-functional is a different challenge altogether.

What’s more, web design best practices are ever-changing. Unless you stay on top of the current and upcoming trends, your WordPress site may quickly fall behind in aesthetics and usability. Good website design is crucial for a professional business. You can’t keep customers or attract new ones if your site looks like it was designed in 2009.

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A website design does more than just look pretty. It aids in the functionality. It’s imperative that visitors are able to easily navigate your site and find what they’re looking for. Otherwise, they’ll exit the page and probably won’t come back.

An experienced WordPress consultant can help you stay ahead of the curve. With your own consultant, you get expert advice and hands-on design work to make sure your site looks its best.


3) Performance Knowledge

Websites can act in dumbfounding ways, especially if they’re built with buggy or poorly developed themes. When your WordPress site begins to have performance issues — whether loading slowly, forms not working or the entire site going down — it can sometimes be tough to pinpoint the cause of it. You may be forced to go with the trial and error strategy of disabling plugin after plugin until you find something wrong.

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When you have a WordPress consultant on your side, you never have to worry about performance issues affecting your site. With extensive web experience and knowledge, they can provide WordPress help to ensure your site is fast, stable and running as it should.

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4) SEO Skills

Just like design trends constantly change, the requirements to stay on top of the SEO game change as well. Furthermore, SEO is extremely competitive. There are countless tips and tricks that you can learn online, but without the necessary experience of implementing those practices, it can be tough to compete.

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With the assistance of a WordPress consultant specialize in providing WordPress SEO services, you can implement the strategies you need to get your site to the top of search results. Your page will be found by more users, your traffic will increase and you’ll end up with more conversions than ever. Plus, a good SEO consultant can ensure you STAY on top, instead of being outranked by your competitors.


5) Site Security Knowledge

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Security is more important than ever before. Even large brands struggle to keep up with security standards as cyberattackers are finding new ways to exploit vulnerabilities. In WordPress, all it takes is one buggy plugin to compromise your entire site.

An experienced WordPress consultant can make sure your site has iron-clad security, protecting your data as well as your visitors’. When you have users coming to your site and sharing personal information, you have to prioritize the security of that information. With a WordPress consultant on your team, you can ensure you have all the necessary site security measures in place.

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6) Ongoing Support

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While basic WordPress websites can be simple to create, that process is only a fraction of the work of owning a site. WordPress websites necessitate ongoing maintenance, and there are almost always unexpected issues that pop up, taking hours or days to troubleshoot. Most business owners simply do not have the time to put out these fires every day.

When you have a WordPress consultant helping you with your site and providing WordPress support, you can be sure any maintenance and support issues will be taken care of. Let’s say a plugin breaks, custom code is needed, an urgent update is required or something else goes wrong. An experienced WordPress consultant team like WP Tangerine has you covered.


7) User/Business Research

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Staying on top of your competition is critical to the success of your website, whether your competitors are local or thousands of miles away. But this research can be a tremendous amount of work and time that you don’t have.

This is another area where a well-rounded WordPress consultant can be invaluable. Consultants can leverage their knowledge and experience and tailor it directly towards your business. With a consultant on your site, your business will be well informed on the latest trends in your industry, as well as the web, so that your site can always stay two steps ahead.

The Bottom Line

When you want a truly professional WordPress website, you need a WordPress consultant on your team.

At WP Tangerine, we have expert knowledge, experience and endless resources offering WordPress services to ensure your site is well-taken care of. Request a free website analysis to see how we can take your site to the next level.