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WP Tangerine Blog Launch!

Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.
-Henry Ford

Welcome to the WP Tangerine blog. We are all about the intersection of the Internet and entrepreneurship. Of course, we are partial WordPress, but much of our content will be useful to any Web venture.

The Road So Far

Hi, I’m Matthew Goff. I founded WP Tangerine with Marcus Krupp. Marcus and I are both serial entrepreneurs. We’ve worked on ventures together since 2013. Late in 2014, we decided to build the Web service that we wished we had.

This is what we wanted:

  • It would address the biggest headaches of launching and maintaining Websites
  • It wouldn’t simply do what clients directed, but would also offer actionable suggestions
  • It would communicate with clients on a daily basis, updating them on their progress
  • It would unambiguously provide more value than the service cost
  • It would provide all of this for rates starting at less than $100/mo

Doing all that was not easy. First, we narrowed the focus to WordPress. WordPress was an easy choice. It has a thriving community that has built up around it. This makes it ideal for building almost any kind of site.

With our platform decided, fired up our spreadsheets and got to work. By January of 2015, we were ready to do some testing, but we needed to know what to call it. We had already settled on the name WP Tangerine. We added tasks to it to create WP Tangerine.

Why Tasks

Big projects often seem overwhelming. WP Tangerine uses tasks to help everyone focus not on the big project, but on the individual tasks that need to be done. The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step!

That Nervous Feeling

Everyone that has launched a Web based venture knows that sick-yet-exhilarating feeling the grows in pit of the stomach when the Website is turned up for the first time. It’s finally done, and out in the world, but will people respond to it?

Our launch was humble. We are members of the NextSpace coworking facility in Berkeley, and we reached out to the NextSpace network to get some initial feedback. The response was fantastic, and very encouraging.

Growing on a budget

As great as the NextSpace community is, we knew we needed to expand our marketing reach if we were going to keep growing. We experimented with multiple marketing approaches. Every marketing approach has its pros and cons, but with most of our revenue going back into operations, we were focused on something that would be cost effective, but still generate solid results. Craigslist was, hands down, the best avenue we found.

What’s Next

It’s hard to believe that it hasn’t quite been a year yet! This has been one of the most exciting rides of our careers, and we are really looking forward for what comes next.

We’ve received many wonderful reviews and testimonials from our customers, and we’ve also received a ton of great suggestions.

In the coming months, we are working on some exciting new initiatives:

  • SEO
  • Content Creation
  • Hosting Included Service Plans
  • RealTime Business and Website Consultations
  • Enterprise Service Plans

We are grateful to our customers, and the WordPress community as a whole. We look forward to the next stage of this adventure!