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WP Support: Where to Find the Best Help for WordPress

WordPress is one of the top leading content management system platforms in the world, supporting a whopping 37% of the web.  So, why is there a “shroud of mystery” around finding good WP support when you need WordPress help using it?

Those new to WordPress, as well as website owners who haven’t had time to master it, can sometimes find this platform intimidating. To effectively implement a blog or website on WordPress, a user must commit the time to learn how to use it – or find a WordPress support team to help them.

The Frustrations of Managing Your Own WordPress Site without WP Support

One of the learning curves with WordPress is knowing where to find resources when you need support. There’s not going to be support staff at WordPress waiting for you to call for help. You’ll have to rely on various community forums, social media, Q&A forums or acquiring the help of a WP support professional to help you out.

As a business owner, getting this help can be extremely frustrating and time-consuming. 

  • How can you effectively run your business when you’re spending all your time working on your website?
  • Why do web designers charge hundreds or even thousands of dollars just to make a few quick changes to your site?
  • Who has the time to fix website problems when you’re already busy trying to grow your business?
  • Why do even the “smallest” WordPress issues always take hours to fix?

Fixing issues yourself is definitely doable — that’s what makes WordPress so great: anybody can launch and manage their own website without being an experienced coder.

But the problem is that it can be extremely time-consuming — and time is money. Successful business owners often find it easier and more cost-efficient to hire other WP support professionals to take care of their website for them. Others may prefer a DIY approach.

That being said, regardless of what kind of WP support you need, here are some of your options.

WP Support Resources

There are numerous online resources to find guidance and help with WordPress. However, you need to know which are reputable and current with solutions. 

Official WP Support 

(wordpress.com and wordpress.org)

WordPress has two separate platforms that many newcomers aren’t aware of. In fact, a lot of us who have never used WordPress end up choosing the wrong platform. When obtaining WP support for your site, you’ll need to know which platform you’re using.

Platform #1: WordPress.com

  • Light coding skills required
  • Self-hosted
  • Limited customization
  • Free
  • Basic content management

Platform #2: WordPress.org

  • Coding skills required
  • Choice of host
  • Fully customizable
  • Cost according to plan
  • Full content management


Live Chat WP Support

“Live Chat” is limited in access by WordPress users. To have access to this support option, you must have a paid upgrade/plan. Otherwise, you’ll need to reach out via email or community forums for help. “Live Chat” may not be available when you reach out to them. When this happens, you’ll be required to complete a “Contact Support” form, which they’ll reply via email.

Community Support Forum

  • com users can access community forums where they can browse topics or post their questions/issues. Other users in the forum will answer/reply to help guide you.
  • org users can access a support forum where a host of answers to questions are organized.


WordPress.org users have access to WordPress Codex. Codex is a comprehensive repository that covers a lot of topics that users seek answers to.

  • Helps newcomers get started
  • Tutorial lessons on how to use WordPress.tv
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Guidance on plugins, themes, and permalinks
  • WordPress Developer help
  • Report system bugs 

WP Support Webinars

WordPress offers free live webinars daily that provide WP support and help with “how-to’s.” You can also choose from pre-recorded sessions that discuss a variety of topics. These webinars are highly regarded.


WordPress users gather in-person to swap knowledge and to help guide one another. Those new to WordPress, as well as hard-core developers, exchange ideas and tips on leveraging WordPress for their businesses and blogs.

Videos for WP Support

You have the option of using video tutorials individuals have created on how to use WordPress. Typically, these are located on YouTube. You have no way of knowing if the source is trustworthy with correct information. Often the information can be outdated.


WP Support Social Media Groups

There are numerous WordPress help/support groups on Facebook that foster a sense of communal support for WordPress users. You do have to be a Facebook user to access these groups. Many people find these helpful.


Question & Answer Forums

Stack Exchange

Stack Exchange is a question and answer forum where WordPress users and developers can post a question or search a topic for help. This forum is more suited for those with advanced WordPress skills.


Quora is another question and answer forum that WordPress users can explore topics that others have posted. Make sure to only take people seriously if they have some visible credentials on their profile.

Get the Best WP Support for Your Site

It can be overwhelming knowing where to turn for professional help with WordPress. You may have scoured and exhausted all of the resources out there and just can’t seem to gain enough footing to get past your dashboard on WordPress.

WordPress is quickly becoming the preference for a website among bloggers, entrepreneurs, online marketplaces and other businesses. Google and WordPress go hand-in-hand with current technological trends. To succeed, you, too, must keep up with what’s trending. 

Don’t lose hope, because there are WordPress experts who will not only walk you through WordPress, but hold your hand, and literally do it for you. Who are these people?

WP support platforms are the experts who lend you a hand. Their services don’t come free but they can save you money in the long run, while making your life so much easier. The great thing about acquiring a premium WP support service platform is that it frees up a LOT of your time that you would otherwise be investing in researching support forums, etc., to get help with WordPress.

A WP Support Platform That Does It All

There is a way to bypass endless and time-consuming searches for help with WordPress!

It’s easy to feel like you’re drowning trying to find answers to your WordPress issues. Wouldn’t it be great if someone threw a life preserver out to keep you afloat?

WP Tangerine is that life preserver.

When you get WP support from WP Tangerine, you get all the help you need under one platform. A full-time team of diverse and talented members will help you with everything from developing and designing your website to ensuring it’s optimized and maintained. Best of all, you get advice and guidance from a team of WordPress experts.

What You Get from WPTangerine

  • Choice of 6 different plans that fit your needs and your budget. Each tailored plan has a set of WordPress services.
  • Services that fall under a plan include:
    • Website design/development
    • Website optimization
    • Content management 
    • Existing website overhaul
    • Concierge service; you tell us what you need, and we install it and configure it
    • Cutting edge Q&A forum
    • Urgent site issues
    • Website maintenance

WP Tangerine has helped over 3,000 WordPress and WooCommerce sites to soar with success. If you aren’t satisfied after 30 days of using WP Tangerine, you get your money back.  

Are you ready to get off the merry-go-round of support search? Get started today with WP Tangerine by requesting a free website analysis.