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WordPress Website Support Services: 6 Tips on How to Find the Best Support

It’s tough going it alone when it comes to your WordPress site. But using WordPress website support services can make your life a lot easier.

Think about it.

Countless hours are spent in designing and launching the website. Countless more hours are spent making sure you’ve got all the latest WP updates to plugins, themes and the platform itself. And fixing your site when something goes wrong? Forget about it. You can easily spend all day on your website, when you’ve got other pressing matters that are just as important.

This is why seeking out WordPress website support services is such a smart idea: think of the time and effort saved when you’ve got WordPress experts and WordPress Consultants doing all that work for you.

Tips on How to Find the Best WordPress Website Support Services

Below, we’ve identified 6 tips for finding the best WordPress Website Support Services —and, of course, WP Tangerine ticks all the boxes! Read on for our advice on what to consider when you pick a service.

1.  Know what WordPress website support services are offered

This should go without saying: if the WordPress website support services that are offered don’t cover all your needs, then it’s not worth moving forward.


Any company worth its salt should offer some basic services, like:

  • 24/7 WordPress help
  • Regular reports regarding your project (for example: analytics, updates, WooCommerce)
  • A dedicated and reliable support team
  • Predictable and affordable support plans

The very best will go a step further and offer:

Consider going with a company that can give you ongoing support, rather than a once-and-done design or a limited number of fixes. WordPress website support services are the most effective and the most valuable when they work as an extension to your team, as WP Tangerine does.

2. Ask for proof

If a company is going to manage your WordPress site—whether that means designing it, updating it, refreshing it or simply making sure nothing breaks—then it better have proof that its team has the expertise to do that.



3. Find out what other customers have to say about the company’s WordPress website support services

Ask how many years they have been in business and how many websites they have worked on. Ask them for examples of WordPress websites they have designed and managed. Then ask yourself the question, “Would I be happy with these results?”

Seeing how the company is rated and reviewed is vital to understanding how they operate, how they treat their customers and what you can expect from them if you should become a customer too. A good company will offer such reviews upfront, on their website.

But don’t stop there. Look for ratings on third-party websites, or client reviews in online forums. Google is your friend when you’re looking for more info!


4.  Look for predictable, crystal-clear rates

Signing on for premium WordPress website support services is a great time-saver, but what if they come at an exorbitant price?

They don’t have to. Look for predictable rates where you won’t be nickel-and-dimed every time you submit a support ticket if you’ve gone over a monthly allotment or other limitation. And it should be absolutely clear what you get for the rate you pay.

For instance, if a plugin breaks functionality on your site, will the company solve that problem right away, or do you have to shell out extra for an emergency fix? Or wait 1-2 weeks for it to get done?

WP Tangerine offers unlimited plans at flat, affordable monthly rates, and the services each plan provides are defined upfront. No guessing games.


5. Keep long-term affordability in mind

Next, try to anticipate your future website needs as well as your current ones. Even if you’re only looking for a one-time consultation, fix or other short-term problem, consider what may come down the pike.

So you have a great theme, and the WordPress website support services you used put together an awesome site. That might seem like the end of it, but what happens when your theme gets updated? Or you want to refresh the look? Or something breaks, and you have no idea why? How much is it going to put you back to have the same company step in again?


Give serious consideration to employing ongoing support or using a company that offers affordable ongoing support options, should you need them.


6. Consider how the service can enhance your website

Think beyond the look and functionality of the website. What if you get hacked? What if the site goes down? What if your site is buried on the fourth page of Google results?

WordPress website support services should ideally make your site BETTER, not just maintain the status quo. Security and backup solutions, SEO optimization, uptime monitoring—these are the WordPress services that can make a good website great and make it work harder for you.

WP Tangerine offers premier WordPress website support services

Our rates are affordable. Our team is incredible. Our results are outstanding. Check out our support plans to see what fits your budget and needs. Need a little help getting off the ground? We’ll even give you a free website analysis.