Can WordPress Help You with Your Website? No, But We Can!

This is one of the most frustrating discoveries for new WordPress users: there is no official WordPress help available directly from WordPress. So whenever you need any kind of help with WordPress, you’re on your own.

But don’t stress out just yet. Below, we uncover how to get unlimited WordPress help for any issue you have, and all the site changes, designs and development you need, from our experts here at WP Tangerine.

But first, let’s unpack why WordPress—the company—can be so unhelpful in providing WordPress help for beginners.



What Gives? Why Can’t WordPress Help Me?

The answer depends on what form of WordPress you’re using: or Here’s the basic difference:

  • is a free(ish) version of WordPress that is hosted on WordPress’s own servers. The free version is very limited in functionality and will also display ads, which you have no control over. You’re stuck choosing from
    a limited selection of WordPress themes and plugins, which hamstrings your website right from the start. However, you can pay for premium monthly packages, which will allow some more freedom in return.
  • is the source for downloading WordPress to install and host on your own servers or web host. It’s free to install and gives you the freedom to customize your WordPress site however you want. You just pay for your own hosting and any paid themes and plugins that you want.


The paid packages at actually do come with some WordPress help, like email support, live chat and other WordPress help for beginners.

However, if you need help with WordPress when you’re using the self-hosted version from, you’re basically stuck with the generic WordPress help documentation, forums and other third-party support.

That’s because the open-source version of WordPress puts all the control in your hands. As a company, they don’t make any money from your using the WordPress platform. So it doesn’t make sense for them to offer WordPress help, unless you’re using the paid, hosted version of WordPress.

And in general, you can do SO much more with the self-hosted version of WordPress. Regardless of the limited WordPress help options, we recommend hosting WordPress with your own web host.



OK, But I Need Help with WordPress NOW!

We totally get it!

Tons of issues can come up when you’re using WordPress (or doing ANY kind of web development). But actually getting help with WordPress can be a long and frustrating process, especially for business owners who are already strapped for time.

That’s where WP Tangerine can help.

Get Unlimited WordPress Help for Beginners, Business Owners & Advanced WP Users

At WP Tangerine, we’ve simplified the process of getting help with WordPress – no matter what kind of help you need.

We have a team of skilled WordPress experts who can take care of literally any website task on your plate: fixes, site changes, image updates, new site designs, redesigns, page speed improvements and more – for a fraction of the cost of hiring a developer or paying for paid support.

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