Why You Need a WordPress Maintenance Plan

WordPress maintenance plans help to ensure that your website runs like it should, 24 hours a day. But for many website owners, especially those who are busy running a business, it’s not always clear why these maintenance plans are needed—until something goes wrong.

So, what’s the point of WordPress maintenance plans? Doesn’t a website run by itself once it’s online?

Not exactly. A host of critical problems can occur with WordPress sites, even if you haven’t touched the site in months. In fact, the most common issues are often caused precisely because a website hasn’t been routinely managed and updated as needed. In other words, if no one has been maintaining your site, then there is a serious risk that it will be compromised.

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WordPress Maintenance Plans are Critical – Here’s Why

1) WordPress sites must be updated continually.

New versions of WordPress are constantly being released. That’s a good thing. These releases often improve the performance and functionality of WordPress, in addition to eliminating critical security flaws.

But if you aren’t processing those core WordPress updates, that’s a problem. If there are known security vulnerabilities, then it’s only a matter of time before your site will be hijacked. Additionally, new WordPress versions can also sometimes mess up the design of your site.

With WordPress maintenance plans, your site will be updated routinely to avoid security lapses, and you’ll have access to a skilled WordPress expert who can solve any design issues that occur.

2) Plugins and themes go bad.

In addition to the core WordPress files, individual plugins and themes need to be updated also. In fact, outdated plugins and themes are the most common reason for WordPress sites being hijacked. WordPress maintenance plans take care of these updates for you, so that you don’t even have to think about them.

3) Things go wrong.

Put simply, things break. That’s true of any website, not just WordPress. And for busy business owners, it can be a nightmare trying to fix a sudden website problem, especially when it’s unclear why it’s happening or how to fix it.

In cases like this, you’ll want to be able to get the WordPress help you need—fast. WP Tangerine’s WordPress maintenance plans give you unlimited help with your WordPress site, whenever you need it. It’s like having a professional WordPress development agency at your service 24/7, for a fraction of the cost.

4) WordPress maintenance plans can improve your site’s performance.

In addition to preventing problems, WordPress maintenance plans can make your site faster and more stable.

For example, with a monthly plan from WP Tangerine, you get access to a dedicated WordPress consultant who can identify solutions to increase your page load speeds and reduce downtime. By improving your site performance, you’ll have fewer drop-offs (people who leave the site without interacting with it), higher conversion rates and happier visitors.

5) You could be missing out on traffic.

Some WordPress maintenance plans include the option to add WordPress SEO services too. That’s huge for businesses that want to increase their organic traffic and get the routine maintenance their websites need, month after month. WP Tangerine offers robust SEO plans that include advanced keyword research, ongoing content creation, technical optimization, strategic link-building and more.

Our WordPress Maintenance Plans Help Your Website Thrive

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