Help! WordPress Site Hacked? Follow These WordPress Help Tips

WordPress is the most popular content management system (CMS) for creating websites. But this popularity means it also attracts the attention of bad actors. If your website is hacked, you’ll want to get experts WordPress help right away, as this is a serious problem that can severely damage your business and reputation.

In this short guidance from our experts, we cover simple tips for knowing if your website is hacked, what to do about it, and how to recover. If you are not technically inclined, we strongly recommend reaching out to WordPress help experts, rather than trying to take care of it on your own.


WordPress Tip #1:

How to Know if Your WordPress Website has Issue or Hacked

Sometimes it is obvious that your website is hacked because your home page is changed or simply inaccessible. Or, you may suddenly have small trouble logging on to your WordPress dashboard.

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One of the most common WP website help errors we hear about is when a website’s homepage is oddly redirecting to another site. Typically, this is the result of your WordPress core files being compromised (often because a plugin has been exploited), which redirects your site to a spammy site full of ads or malware. 

Other forms of WordPress site hacking may be more subtle. As the website owner, you may not even know that your website has been hacked until your customers inform you.

If your site contains known small strains of malware, web browsers like Google Chrome may warn your visitors not to proceed. Users’ own antivirus systems may also try to stop visitors from going to your site if malicious code has been detected. 

As part of your security efforts, you should have give your website regularly scanned (and backed up) to make sure the website does not contain any malware or unauthorized changes.


WordPress Tip #2:

Help! What to Do If One of Your WordPress site is Hacked

If you can still sign on to your WordPress website, start by changing your passwords, as well as the passwords for all other users who have admin access to your site. You may also want to consider temporarily suspending their access. 

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The next thing to do is to take the websites offline or put it in maintenance mode. Tell your hosting provider that you suffered a hacking attack – they may be able to offer specific help on WordPress for identifying the vulnerability and restoring your websites.

If you have access to your dashboard, update all your WordPress plugins and your themes. Outdated plugins are the most common cause of WordPress sites being hacked. So whether your plans to seek more advanced WordPress help or whatever your plans are, a crucial first step is making sure all your plugins and themes are up to date. Check our plan.


WordPress Tip #3:

Help! This Time How to Fix and Recover Your Website After a Hack

The necessary recovery process will depend on how bad the attack was and how much damage was done. If you have backups of your site, try restoring those as a first step (either by replacing the files via SFTP or using a backup plugin tool).

WordPress Support

Need WordPress support? If the WordPress system files are corrupted, you may need to reinstall a clean version. But ideally, a WordPress professional will be able to review these files on a more granular level to scan for anything amiss, such as bad code in the wp-config file.

Again, you should go through your plugins very carefully and remove anything you don’t need. It may also help to do a quick Google search for your remaining plugins to see if known vulnerabilities are causing similar problems for other users. 

Achieving a complete restoration can take many complex and detailed technical steps, so getting professional WordPress from WP Tangerine is highly recommended. See our plan!

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