Hiring a WordPress SEO company is the best way to properly optimize a WordPress site so that it ranks higher in search engines like Google. But since there are so many SEO firms out there, it’s a good idea to be picky about which company you hire.

Choosing the wrong company could mean wasting thousands of dollars and months of misguided efforts (which can actually hurt your ranking instead of helping it). In contrast, working with a good WordPress SEO company will significantly increase your site’s visibility and drive more traffic to your site.

So, how do you choose?

Here are some simple tips.

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1) Make sure it’s truly a WordPress SEO company.

When it comes to SEO, WordPress is a different beast. As a leading CMS platform, WordPress is great for search engine optimization because of the organization of its database and site structure. Also, there are numerous plug-ins, themes and other tools that can take your WordPress SEO game to the next level.

But if the company doesn’t specialize in WordPress optimization, then a lot could go wrong. For the best results, stick to SEO companies that are laser-focused on WordPress and have the experience to show for it.

2) Look for proof of results.

Anybody can say they’re an experienced WordPress SEO company. But do they actually have the results to show for it?

Start by checking for examples on the company’s website. Then, ask the company to provide more detailed information about the results they achieved for other clients.

  • Did clients see “first-page” results for their target keywords?
  • How long did it take, and for what amount of effort?
  • How much did organic traffic increase?

If the company can’t provide results like these, then it’s time to look elsewhere.

3) Confirm internal and external SEO strategies.

Effective SEO is a multilayered strategy. It starts with optimization of the website itself, including on-page content, meta data, images, site structure and so on. But for best results, you also need external SEO practices, such as a targeted backlinking strategy, social media, content on third-party sites and so on.

Confirm which services and strategies the company offers to make sure you get the results you’re looking for.

4) Ask about analytics and measurement of results.

How do you know if your SEO is actually working?

A good WordPress SEO company will track everything, so you can see the results for yourself. Ideally, the company should track the ranking of optimized pages, as well as increases in organic traffic. Even better: ask the firm if they can track specific actions from organic traffic, such as leads/conversions, so you can evaluate it against other marketing efforts, such as paid ad campaigns.

5) Avoid black-hat SEO strategies.

Black-hat SEO uses shady strategies that are frowned upon by the SEO gods. Common examples are reckless keyword stuffing, content plagiarism and using bots to link-spam other sites. Using any of these methods could result in your site being penalized and pushed to the bottom of search results.

Don’t take the risk. Stick with companies that only use proven, white-hat SEO strategies that are recommended by Google and other search engines.

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