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Hire a WordPress Expert for Proficient Use of WordPress


75 million websites now use WordPress, according to some estimates. But how many of those website owners can call themselves a “WordPress expert?”

After years of managing more than 3,000 WordPress sites, we’ve discovered that most business owners simply aren’t doing it right now.

It’s no fault of their own. WordPress makes it easy to launch a great website. But without significant web development experience or knowledge of the constantly-evolving web standards, most people simply do not know how to leverage the full potential of WordPress.

If you’ve been managing your own site for a few years, you may feel like a WordPress expert. But in reality, you’re probably making common mistakes that are holding your website back.

So, what is a WordPress expert?

A WordPress expert is a person who has extensive experience with all aspects of WordPress development and database maintenance.

Often a web developer, though not necessarily, these experts have a deep understanding of not just the WordPress interface, but also the fundamental programming languages that drive the open-source content management system.

A WordPress expert will typically have in-depth knowledge of:

  • WordPress Core, Themes and Plugins
  • HTML & CSS
  • PHP
  • JAVA

WP experts who are well-versed in Web design will typically also have extensive experience with design applications, like Photoshop, GIMP, Illustrator and Fireworks.

Additionally, to be able to effectively configure and manage a WordPress site, an expert will usually also have experience with:

  • Domain & DNS configurations
  • Hosting / server configurations
  • cPanel
  • FTP

How does all that help YOU?

Again, anybody can use WordPress. The question is whether you know how to use it proficiently.

If you’re not maximizing the robust capabilities of WordPress, then your site is probably falling behind (and possibly even at risk of security or stability issues).

Consider some of the following examples of ways you can benefit from the expertise listed above:

Wordpress Designs

  • Design expertise: A true WordPress expert will know how to properly lay out your site so that it’s visually appealing and aligned with your goals (conversions, sales, branding, etc.). They will also have intimate knowledge of numerous WordPress themes, so that they can quickly find the right match.


  • Expert development: Sure, you can mishmash hundreds of low-quality plugins with a clunky theme, and your site will still exist. But chances are it will be slow to load and easy for hackers to compromise. On the other hand, a true WordPress expert can ensure your site is properly and efficiently developed for optimal speed, security and stability.

customer support

  • Troubleshooting & support ability: When something goes wrong, an expert will know how to quickly fix the problem (and stop it from happening again). This expertise is invaluable when you’re running an active online business and can’t afford any site downtime.

Most importantly, when you hire a WordPress expert, you get a trusted professional that you can rely on for any aspect of your website, from initial development to ongoing management.

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