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Did You Know Google Loves WordPress for SEO?

Let’s face it – there’s no shortage of website builders out there. These days, numerous platforms exist for developing a decent-looking website, even if you have little to no experience or coding skills.

But if you want your website to have a better chance at ranking in search results, then it’s vital that you choose the right website platform.

In Google’s eyes, one CMS platform still ranks above the rest for overall SEO value and search-friendly code: WordPress.

Here’s why and what it means for your WordPress SEO results.

It’s all about the content

It’s important to remember that not all website builders are the same, and WordPress is not just a website builder.

Unlike some platforms out there, WordPress is a robust content management system (CMS). It uses a database to neatly structure content in every form: pages, posts, images, comments and so on. It’s literally built for adding more and more content, quickly and easily – and that content is why Google loves WordPress for SEO.

As Google says, “Creating compelling and useful content will likely influence your website more than any other [SEO] factors.”

WordPress is what makes that content creation possible.

The best website builder for SEO

What content you publish is very important to Google. But equally important is how. And that’s another reason why WordPress shines.

Google’s Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide lists several important factors for SEO that pertain to how content is structured, organized and displayed, such as:

  • Site hierarchy
  • Navigation
  • URL structure
  • Mobile-responsive capabilities

WordPress excels in each of these categories by properly structuring content in the database and enabling website owners to properly display that content via user-friendly (and search-crawler-friendly) WordPress website design and functionality.

Note that your WordPress theme will influence a lot of this functionality too – and some themes are better for SEO than others. But WordPress is the engine that powers it all, and that alone can win you points with Google.

Robust options for optimization

Another reason why Google loves WordPress for SEO is that WordPress makes it easy to optimize your site for search even further. A wide range of SEO plugins enable you to optimize your content according to Google’s specifications.

For example:

  • Adding meta tags to each new page and post you publish to help Google better understand the content on the page.
  • Optimizing image names, tags and file sizes to display faster and help users.
  • Placing emphasis on keywords & phrases that are valuable to your search goals.
  • Properly adding data to help search engines index pages.
  • Analyzing text content for issues and improvements that Google wants to see, including readability, minimal duplication, proper keyword density and so on.

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Google’s crawlers are very good at detecting how content is structured and how a site is developed and organized.

Think of these crawlers like any other visitor to your site. When your site provides a better experience to users, you win points with Google and rank higher in search results. WordPress is a powerful tool for delivering that great user experience and, in turn, achieving the SEO results you want.

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