Why Fresh Content is Crucial for WordPress SEO Banner

Why Fresh Content Is Crucial for WordPress SEO

Many business owners and website builders know that adding “fresh” content is critical for improving SEO (search engine optimization) rankings. But they may not know why it’s important, and therefore might not be creating that content with the best strategies in mind.

“Content is king,” as is often said. But what exactly does that mean?

Here’s what you need to know to make sure you’re creating quality, fresh content to get the best WordPress SEO results.

What is “Fresh” Content?

Don’t make the mistake of tweaking a few of the existing pages on your website and calling that “fresh.” While that might slightly improve the SEO ranking for those individual pages, it won’t significantly improve the ranking of your whole site.

Fresh content is new content, not recycled old content. Usually the most efficient way to create fresh content is through a blog, article or other informational pages on your site. The more quality content you have, the more opportunities search engine web crawlers have to find relevant information and rank it in search results.

Common questions about blogging include how often to post fresh content, and how long it should be. There’s no one-size-fits all answer to that question, as it depends largely on your industry and the available resources you have devoted to improving your website. In general, you want to post high-quality content as often as possible. At the very least you should publish blog posts at 500 words or more every week or two.

Keywords & Keyword Phrases

The more content you have, the more broadly you can target keywords and keyword phrases with different pages on your website.

For example, let’s say you specialize in selling gardening tools. One keyword phrase you’d want to rank for is “gardening tools,” but you’d also want to rank for a number of others.

If you regularly published to a blog with gardening tips, you could draw visitors searching for answers to their queries like “how to start a square foot garden” or “how to keep weeds down.” Once they are on your site and learn more about what they need, they may be more interested in buying your products, even though they might not have been shopping when they started their search.

Links & Site Authority

Another reason to post fresh content to your website is that you have more opportunities to build backlinks. With each blog post, you can link to other content within your site. There’s also more opportunity for external sites to build backlinks back to you. And, interested visitors are more likely to return to your website and stay on it for longer periods.

In Google’s eyes, link building and engaged user behavior are positive indicators that your website is an authority in its industry. And more perceived authority means that your website and its pages rank higher in relevant search results.

Want Better WordPress SEO Results?

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