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Does Your WP Site Need an SSL Certificate?

A question that many website owners ask us is, “Does my WordPress site need an SSL certificate? Is it really that important?”

The answer ultimately depends on your unique goals. But in general, yes – we strongly recommend it.

While getting a certificate comes with additional costs, every business with a WordPress site should consider it. An SSL certificate protects the data of both you and your site users and can improve your ranking and legitimacy online. It is also must-have for anyone who wants their website to look more professional and trustworthy.

How an SSL Certificate Works

In layman’s terms, an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate communicates to website visitors that their information will be safe and secure. Browsers like Chrome, Safari and others recognize these certificates, which are issued by trustworthy authorities, like domain registrars and web hosts.

SSL certificates do two things that verify the security of your website:

  • First, they provide authentication that your site is truly yours and not a copycat trying to steal sensitive information.
  • Second, they encrypt all sensitive data such as logins, passwords and account details, making that information more secure.

You can see if any website has an SSL certificate when you open it in your browser. If it does, the URL will start with “https” (instead of “http”) and there will usually be a padlock icon next to it (depending on what browser you use).

When you click on the padlock, or whatever icon your browser uses, more information about the website is displayed, so you’re able to learn more about its security.

4 Reasons Your Website Needs an SSL Certificate

Every legitimate business should have an SSL certificate, even if it doesn’t conduct ecommerce. Here are the main benefits.

1) It Protects Users’ Data

The last thing you want if you collect any information from website visitors (even just an email address) is to compromise that information. Protecting user data should be one of your top priorities if you want to provide a secure website for your customers (and stay out of legal trouble).

2) It Protects Your Data

If you have any sensitive information on your website (like usernames, passwords, email addresses, etc.) an SSL certificate will also ensure that it is protected. This is especially important if you have any sort of online database or integrations with other services, like payment processors.

3) It Improves Search Engine Rankings

Google and other search engines want to direct web traffic towards legitimate websites and not phony ones. An SSL certificate signals to search engines that your business is the real deal and will protect user information.

4) It Makes Your Site More Trustworthy

Many people who are shopping and searching for answers online are savvy about protecting their information. They will check to see if your website is secure before they interact with it.

The bottom line is, without an SSL certificate, you can lose out on website traffic, data security, customer trust and ultimately sales. That’s not a good strategy for anyone who wants a professional website.

Ready to Take Your WordPress Site to the Next Level?

An SSL certificate is just one necessary piece to a professional website. If you want to improve your business’s presence online, or need assistance installing a certificate on your WordPress site, we’re here to help.