Do You Need a WordPress Expert? 4 Ways to Tell

Hiring a WordPress expert can be a big decision if you’re used to managing your website by yourself. But it’s a decision that can pay off in ways that many business owners may not even realize.

One of the greatest advantages of WordPress is that it’s relatively easy to learn, allowing people with little coding experience to build their own websites. But just because you can doesn’t mean you should. For busy business owners, it’s generally not productive to spend time managing the website when there are more pressing issues to take care of: like managing the business.

Hiring a WordPress expert will allow you to free up time for those critical tasks while also leveraging their talents to make your website even better.

So, how do you know it’s time to hire WordPress expert? Here are 4 signs it’s time.

When to Seek a WordPress Expert for Hire

1) You’re spending too much time on your website

Changing content … fighting with new plugins … messing up the layouts that just won’t do what you want them to …

All of these tasks eat up your time. And before you know it, you’ve lost hours working on your website, when you could have been working on growing your business. 

Hiring a WordPress expert, like the team at WP Tangerine, will enable you to pass off all your website tasks, so you can focus more on the big picture.

2) Your website is plagued with problems

We all know the frustration of dealing with website issues, from buggy themes to site crashes and beyond. They take time to troubleshoot and fix – time that you don’t have!

When you hire WordPress expert professionals, you don’t have to worry about those issues anymore. They have the knowledge and skill to quickly fix problems as they come up. And, they can make improvements to your site that will prevent those issues from happening in the first place.

3) Your site doesn’t look professional

No matter how hard you try, your website still looks like it was made by an amateur. You’ve tested new themes, new layouts, new color schemes – but it just looks bad.

This is one of the most important reasons to seek a WordPress expert for hire. In today’s web-focused world, first impressions are everything. If your site doesn’t look up to snuff, it could be turning off your prospective customers. A skilled WordPress expert will help you build a world-class site that attracts customers and builds loyalty.

4) You need your website to do MORE

Lead forms … e-commerce … SEO … speed optimization … image sliders … 

With WordPress, there’s no limit to the functionality and features you can add to your site. But doing it yourself can be a time-consuming nightmare.

Hiring a WordPress expert will enable you to add these solutions even faster, so that your site bolsters your business, instead of holding it back. 

Time to Hire WordPress Expert? We Can help

Get unlimited WordPress support, development and expertise, whenever you need it – so you can focus more on your business. When you join WP Tangerine, you get access to a dedicated WordPress expert, account manager, SEO, developer, designer and an entire team of experts to tackle all your website tasks. If you’re curious what our WordPress expert teams can do for you, take the first step by requesting a free expert website analysis