How to Create a Custom WordPress Design

Creating a custom WordPress design can give your website a one-of-a-kind look that separates your business from competitors. But there are a few things to consider before you go the custom route.

Given the nearly limitless design options of existing WordPress themes, there are simpler ways to create a custom site without starting completely “from scratch.” But if your business requires something totally custom, and has the time and resources to build it, then there are certainly ways to do it.

How to Create a Custom WordPress Design

Here are three options for creating a custom WordPress design for your website.

1) Creating a Custom WordPress Design with Existing Themes

WordPress offers thousands of themes that allow you to achieve nearly any look for your site. Most themes give you a basic foundation on which you can build and customize your site as you see fit. Additionally, there are many great themes that come with several built-in templates, allowing you to choose the right design for your needs, all from one theme, and then customize it even further to your liking.

In general, this is the best way to create a custom WordPress design. For the vast majority of businesses, there is no need to develop your own theme – you can achieve the same professional, custom look by customizing an existing theme.

If you’re not comfortable with WordPress, then you’ll want to hire a WordPress expert to customize the design for you. A skilled WordPress consultant will know how to bring your vision to life and build a world-class website that fits your specific needs and goals.

2) Developing Your Own Custom WordPress Theme

In the unlikely event that there is not a single WordPress theme (out of thousands) that fits your needs, then you always have the option of building your own.

Is this an easy or inexpensive endeavor? Not at all. But for businesses requiring a truly custom WordPress design, coded from scratch, then this is certainly an option. You will need your own web developer or the assistance of a WordPress development agency.

Keep in mind that your site will still need to be built within the parameters of the WordPress platform and will thus need to follow its coding rules. Check out these theme-development guidelines for more information on fully custom WordPress design. 

3) Hiring a WordPress Development Agency for Custom WordPress Design

Whether you want to customize a theme or develop your own, we strongly recommend getting expert WordPress help from an experienced development agency.

However, not all agencies offer the same level of expertise (or pricing), so be sure to compare your options wisely. At WP Tangerine, for example, we offer both a subscription-based model (for maximum cost efficiency) and elite design packages for those that need faster turnaround. Both options give you access to our experienced WordPress designers and developers, who can design your site with nearly any look or functionality. (We also offer WordPress SEO services for businesses that are looking to maximize their organic traffic.)

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