75 Increase in conversions

75% increase in conversions from minor UX fixes

In web design, a few little improvements can go a long way.

That’s what a luxury luggage brand discovered when they hired UX experts to reevaluate their website.

The company—Vocier—didn’t want to redo their entire site, which they launched 2 years prior. But they wanted to be sure they were converting as many visitors as possible.

Here’s what they found.

Small design errors. Big problems.

A thorough analysis of the site revealed that the company was losing visitors in several areas – including during the checkout process.

  • 30% of users were bouncing from their Cart
  • The Checkout page had a 30% bounce rate
  • The majority of purchases were made from iPhone & iPad, which the site was not optimized for
  • The site was designed to target only male shoppers, even though 40% of revenue was coming from women buyers!

The UX experts analyzed each of these areas to determine what was happening. As it turns out, users were getting lost throughout the buying process due to distracting links, pages that were hard to navigate and other confusing aspects that were causing a bad user experience.

The solution

Since the company didn’t want to overhaul their site, the UX team identified just 10 little UX mistakes that would be easy to fix yet would help boost conversions dramatically.

Here are some examples of what they did:

  • Added secondary “Add to Cart” buttons to the bottom of product pages, where users previously couldn’t find it.
  • Removed a side menu from the Cart, which was distracting users and causing the high bounce rate.
  • Simplified the Checkout page to make the form easier and faster to fill out.
  • Hovering functionality was added to reveal more product information and make it clearer to users that they could find more details by viewing the product page.
  • Made illustrations more clear on the site’s “How it Works” page to display the functionality and benefits of the luggage.

The results

Running A/B tests, the company found that the improved version of the site had 75% higher conversion rate – a truly impressive improvement, from just a few small optimizations.


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