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3 Benefits of Live Chat WordPress Plugins

When a visitor lands on your WordPress website, chances are they have a question that they want answered. And since the majority of visitors will leave a website within 15 seconds after they arrive, you need to answer their questions quickly.

While strong messaging and a beautiful website design are crucial for drawing their interest, a chat box can play a key role in converting website visitors from browsers into subscribers or buyers within minutes.

Here are three benefits of live chat and chat bot WordPress plugins.

1. Boosting Engagement

When a chat box pops up, a website visitor doesn’t have to waste time browsing your website for the answer to their question. They can ask it directly and get a fast answer.

This can be useful for people who are shopping or for those who are simply looking for answers to general questions (who may later become customers). They’re more likely to stay on your site instead of continuing to search.

Chat boxes also provide an opportunity for people who otherwise wouldn’t be comfortable making a phone call to interact with your company. They might be curious but are hesitant to make a more personal connection with your business until they have more information. The chat box can be that intermediate step.

2. Building Trust

The “know, like, trust” factors are well-known in marketing.

Before someone buys something, they have to feel like they know, like and trust the source they’re buying from. A chat box is an opportunity for you to turn cold website traffic into warm leads that are ready to buy.

While a chat box can direct someone to a purchase if they’re ready for that, it can also help you nurture the relationship with your potential customers. You can build their trust within the chat feature itself and nudge them to sign up for your email list. From there they can enter any sales funnels you have and continue to have an ongoing relationship with your business through email newsletters. That way they may be ready to purchase in the future.

3. Saving Time

A chat box—and in particular, a chat “bot” that is fully automated—can help you save time by sorting through and directing your site visitors and potential leads. Your team can bypass customer service calls and emails by having an automated sales representative right on your website’s homepage.

WordPress chat bot plugins feature a variety of automations you can set up, including answering frequently asked questions, personalized answers and even walking customers through the purchase process. It’s like a 24/7 virtual assistant!

And of course, you can use live chat as well to give customers the personal touch when necessary. Your customer service team can focus on the people who need the most help.

Ready to Take Your Website to the Next Level?

Chat boxes are just one of many features you can use to make your WordPress website more professional. If you want to improve your website’s performance and usability, we’re here to help.