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WordPress Expert for Hire – 7 Things to Look For 

Hiring a WordPress expert is a smart move whenever you’re building a new website or fixing issues. But since not all experts offer the same skills or expertise, it’s important to evaluate your options carefully.

By doing a little homework, you can be sure that you’re hiring an expert who is perfectly matched for the needs of your website and your business.

Here are some things to look for.

1) Portfolio Of Work

This one is especially important if you’re looking for a WordPress expert who does design and development work. You need to make sure they actually have proof of their work – and proof that the work is good. A portfolio (either on their website or by request) allows you to evaluate their experience before you hire.

2) Unique Skillset 

Just because they call themselves a “WordPress expert” doesn’t mean that they can do what you need them to. For example, some have expertise in front-end development, but not SEO. Or maybe you find an expert with amazing design skills, but their development experience is lacking. The key here is to confirm their unique skillset and specializations, so you know you’re hiring the right pro.

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3) A WordPress Expert With Significant Experience

How long have they been working with WordPress? While there’s nothing wrong with hiring less-experienced people, it’s a good idea to look for experts with more work under their belt. Their experience enables them to recognize (and avoid) common challenges, enabling them to work faster and smarter.

4) Pricing Options

Do they quote every single project individually, or do they offer a retainer-based fee structure? How many hours of work do you get for the price, and what if your needs change from month to month? Prices can vary significantly for WordPress services. As a website owner, you want to find the right balance between affordability and value.

5)  Clear Communication 

You can tell a lot about a contractor by how responsive they are to your initial questions. If you’re getting slow responses now, before you’ve even hired them, then you should expect communication to remain poor when using their services. Stick to a WordPress expert who communicates clearly and with transparency from the very beginning.

6) Reasonable Turnaround Time

Time is money. So it’s important to have the right timeline expectations before you hire. At WP Tangerine, we have a full team of WordPress experts, allowing us to complete most tasks in 1 business day (often same day). If you’re hiring someone with much longer turnaround times, just be sure you know what to expect before hiring, so you can build that time into your planning.

7) Solid Reviews By Others Who Hired The Same WordPress Expert

When in doubt, always refer back to the Three R’s … Reviews, Ratings and References. Reviews from other clients are an invaluable resource for determining the quality of service (or problems) you’ll receive as a customer. If no reviews are posted publicly, consider asking the developer for references.

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